Monday, June 4, 2007

eMule v0.46c -=The Killer Bean S.E.=-

-=The Killer Bean Special Edition=-

Added : Qreta [SlugFiller]
Added : Probabilistic Queue [SlugFiller]
Added : Optimizer [shadow2004]
Added : Show Compression in upload list [khaos/MorphXT]
Added : Improved Source Finding [Arabella]
Added : Anti-XS-Exploit [WiZaRd/Xman]
Added : indexPartFiles [SlugFiller]
Added : Source From [SlugFiller]
Added : Emulate Lphant [Spike2]
Added : Search Catch [SlugFiller]
Added : Active Connection Control (ACC) [Obelix]
Added : Cache UDP Results [SlugFiller]
Added : Met Loader [Avi3k]
Added : SharedFileInfo [CB]
Added : Log Chat session [Avi3k]
Added : show parts in details [kts]
Added : Manual Part Sharing [d.Xanatos/kts]
Added : Manual Chunk Selection [d.Xanatos/kts]
Added : Export Parts [d.Xanatos/kts]
Added : Optional Global Deadlist [Aireoreion]
Added : Aggressive Client Handling [Sivka]
Update : Safe Hash [SlugFiller]
Update : Emulate Others [Spike2]
Some Fixes (Maella,Spanish_man,Xman,SlugFiller,Wizard)

-=The Killer Bean v12=-
Added : control Download Priority [tommy_gun/Wizard]
Added : Show Share Permissions [Xmule]
Added : Improved Filename Disparity Check [BLueSonicBoy]
Added : Hashing Progress [O²]
Added : Leecher Log [Xman]
Added : Show friends in Bold [Antares]
Added : File Buffer Flush Time [spike2]
Added : Close Backdoor v2 [Maella/Xman]
Added : P2PThreat (Detect worms that could be harmful to the network or eMule) [netfinity]
Added : phpBB URL-Tags style link [AndCycle]
Added : Share Ratio & Cat Column in Shared Files Window [CB]
Added : Intelligent Chunk Selection (ICS) Optional [enkeyDev/MorphXT]
Added : MTU Configuration [Maella/Xman]
Added : MSS Setting [spike2]
Added : Static Tray Icon [Xanatos]
Changed : Wizard Auto hardLimit [from Ionix 4.3.3]
Changed : Blinking Tray icon => Hay Mesaje [ikabot/spanish man/kts]
Changed : Client Percentage [commander]
Changed : Update Leecher List
Removed : Waiting Queue Overflow
Removed : Sivka FileSettings
Removed : Log Hashing Activities
Fix : A4AF and many others things (Avi-3k , Netfinity, spike2 & Xman)

-=The Killer Bean v11=-
Added : SharedView Ed2kType [Avi-3k]
Added : FullBlock [eF-Mod]
Added : Multisort [Slugfiller]
Added : Show Known Files in Shared File Window [Xanatos]
Added : Files Password Protection [Xanatos]
Added : SpeedBars [CB]
Added : Reask On ID Change [Xanatos/modified by TKB]
Added : Anti Uploader Ban [Stulle]
Added : Waiting Queue Overflow [sivka]
Added : Auto Update (IPFilter,FakeCheck,IP2Country) [Morph/LSD]
Added : AntiLeecher From EFMod [eMuleFan/J.C. Conner]
Added : Show NNS,FullQ & Active Connections in Transfert Window [sicks]
Added : Auto A4AF [From Next Evolution (kts)]
Added : Blinking Tray Icon on message [TPT]
Added : AntiLeech UDP-FNF [Wizard]
Added : Recheck Firewalled [wizard]
Changed : SUQWT => SUQWTv2
Some Fixes [Wizard,Sirob,Xman]

-=The Killer Bean v10=-
*Merge to 0.46c*
Changed : Link to eMulix Board moved to Killer Bean Window.
That's All.

-=The Killer Bean v9=-
*Merge to 0.46b*
Added : Spooky Mode & Connections Check [eWombat]
Added : Emulate Others + Log [WiZaRd & Spike]
Added : Bold Categories [$ick$]
Added : Show Leechers in Red
Changed : Some AntiLeecher Functions
Changed : Lots of Funny Nicks xD (Now in French,English,Italian,German and Spanish)
Changed : Powershare => Xman's PowerRelease
Changed : HideOS => Xman's Dynamic HideOS
Changed : Ionix NiceHash => Xman's NiceHash
Some Fixes : Wizard,Spanish man,Miles & kts
Thx to kts & Miles for support.

-=The Killer Bean v8=-
*Merge to 0.46a*
Added : Upload Only to eMule Client [eMulix Team]
Added : Find best sources [XMan]
Added : Show cpu and mem in transfert windows [$ick$]
Added : Reask src after IP change [Sivka]
Added : Reask src Timer [sivka]
Added : Banner [iONiX/eMulix Team]
Added : Add search to cancelled [Xman]
Added : See OnUploadqueue [Xman]
Added : NiceHash [iONiX]
Added : Dynamic IP-Filter [Xman]
Added : Extended Failed/Success Statistic [NetF]
Added : Filter clients with failed downloads [Xman]
Changed : Upload List Colors [Colors from eMulix v1.0]
Changed : Release Window [iONiX]
Changed : Ip to country => Only show Country Flag (ON/OFF)
Changed : Exit Smoothly [spanish_man Fix]
Changed : AntiLeecher Features [iONiX]
Changed : FunnyNicks => Random_Nick [eMulix v1.0 from Roman2K/BloodyMad]
Changed : All PS functions [From NewMagicSeb 1.1]
Removed : LiveUpdate
Removed : Low ID retry
Removed : Defeat 0 filed part sender
Removed : Optimizer
Fix : WS2_32.dll error [Netfinity]
Lot of fixes....
Thx to eMulix Team.

-=The Killer Bean v7=-
Back To v5 base (official eMule)
Changed : Sivka's Auto-Hard Limit to Wizard Auto Hard Limit
Changed : Maella's One Queue per File to Wizard Reserved Queue per File
Removed : Save CPU load (No needed)
Removed : Auto Swap A4A
Removed : infinite Queue
Added : spreadReask [SlugFiller]
Added : XML news [O²]
Added : FunnyNicks [Just4Fun] can be enabled/disabled
Added : Menu Color [Windozeur]
Lots of fixes from : MorphXT,spanish man,kts and Wizard.

-=The Killer Bean v6=-
Changed : Partial merge from ZZUL
Changed : Forum Link now in Transfert Window
Added : Show The Killer Bean icon on client detect [ionix]
Added : Exit Smoothly [RT]
Added : Save CPU load [RT] (Partial merge for test)
Added : Auto Swap A4AF [RT]
Added : New Icons [Next Evolution / kts]
Added : Friend Tab [Pretender]
Added : Infinite Queue [Slugfiller]
Added : Check already downloaded files [MoNKi]
Added : Downloaded History [MoNKi]
Removed : Anti Leecher Ratio Kick 1:3 [BG]
Fix : Defeat O-Filled Parts
Fix : Permission column in Shared Files Window
Fix : Optimizer (Thx spanish_man)
Fix : ModID
Lot of others fixes from : emulespaña,FRTK,Morph,Ibérica,SF-IOM,RT,Ionix.

-=The Killer Bean v5=-
*Merge to 0.45b*
Added : QuickStart [TPT]
Added : Optimizer [TPT-eWombat]
Added : WinSockv2 [TPT-eWombat]
Added : Auto HardLimit [Sivka]
Added : Anti Leecher Ratio Kick 1:3 [BG]
Removed : Slugfiller's Advantage Ratio
Some other small changes
Some minor BugFixes

-=The Killer Bean v4=-
Added : Payback First [BG] (can be enabled/disabled in "The Killer Bean Tweaks" Menu)
Added : Auto Unban when Friend to add is a banned client [BCNL]
Added : Super Release [adapted from Slugfiller] (If a file in [Super Release is required], the applicant is placed immediately in up by the opening of an additional slot.)
Added : Video Preview [BG]
Added : relax on startup [WiZaRd]
Added : FriendFix [WiZaRd]
Added : confirmedDownload [xrmb]
Added : Option for ChunkDots [Slugfiller]
Added : Slugfiller's Advantage Ratio can be enabled/disabled in "The Killer Bean Tweaks" Menu [DonQ]
Added : Chunk Selection per file [BG/WiZaRd]
Added : MergeKnown [SlugFiller]
Added : noNeededRequeue [SlugFiller]
Added : Friends never banned (Thx kts)
Added : ownCredits [VBQ]
Added : Anti Ghost Mod [SiRoB]
Added : New SplashScreen [Fox]
Removed : Advantage Ratio
Changed : metCredits [Slugfiller]
Changed : SUQWT [Moonlight]
Changed : Anti NickThief v1 ==> v2 [WiZaRd]
Fix : Secure Identification
Fix : Sirob Reask Patch
Fix : URLClient memleak
Fix : Preferences Save

-=The Killer Bean v3=-
Added :Advantage rating [SlugFiller]
Added :SpamBan [SlugFiller]
Added :MessageFlash [SlugFiller]
Added :Show Share Permissions (Hidden,Friends,Public) [XMule Mod]
Added : Anti HideOS [Net finity]
Added : Kademlia reconnect [Pawcio]
Added : Blinking Tray Icon On Message Recieve [emulEspaña]
Added : Show 'Download added' [Net finity]
Fix : Anti ModID Faker (Anti Mod Thief) [WiZaRd]
Fix : Anti Nick Thief [WiZaRd]
Mod : FriendSlots
Mod : Upload Colors
Removed : show powershare files in Red [Miles]

-=The Killer Bean v2=-
- Funny Nicks (From Gandja Mod)
- IP to Country
- LowID retry
- No more wizard at launch if you upgrade your The Killer Bean version to an other The Killer Bean
- Auto Update IPfilter/FakeCheck/IPtoCOuntry
- Enable Friend Slot in upload list,queue list,download list.
- LSD colors for Fakes Files
- Log Friends Activities
- Fix : Close button in Chat Window (Thx spanish_man)
- Fix : Friend Slot

-=The Killer Bean v1=-
- Automatic Friend Slot
- Improved Buffer Size to 7.5 Mo
- one queue per file
- Anti-leecher & anti-credit hack control
- Slot Focus enabled/disabled
- ICS (Intelligent Chunk Selection)
- Tritant slots control
- Netfinity's Dynamic Block Requests
- Button to visit eMulix & eMuleMods site
- Show position in upload list (O²)
- Feedback FR/UK (Traduction Magic/rafix)
- Mighty Knife:Report hashing files
- status UP/Down
- Save Upload Queue WaiT time (SUQWT)
- Morph/Pawcio Powershare
- HideOS/Spreadbars
- Share only the need
- Defeat 0-filled Part Senders from Maella
- push small/rare/Part files
- DiffQR
- versionMods in statistics details
- Boost Friends
- Save/Load Sources System
- Anti Mod Thief/Anti Nick Thief/ S.N.A.F.U.
- Upload clients in color
- Download in bold
- Downloading files in color (Reb/Blue/Yellow/Green/Gray)
- Manual drop Fake Rank
- LSD buttons
- Manual drop all src
- Push & Kick
- Auto drop NNs,FQ,FR,FQR with Timer
- Adjust Reask For FQS and HQRS (Dark)

Tutoriel KillerBean

eMule 0.46c The Killer Bean SE - bin.rar (4.97 MB) - (Mirror) - Mirror2

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