Wednesday, June 6, 2007

eMule 0.48a Titan Donkey 4.0

Titan Donkey

Spezial Features:

- Titandonkey Trust Center
- clean Serverlist updater
- Titandonkey Slotmanagement
- improved passive source finding
- reduced CPU Usage
- increased Speed for Higspeed Credit downloads
- Ban some bad Mods (Titanesel Antileech)
- Comm Applejuice System
- Disabled Dead Source List to keep valuable sources
- Removed limitation of search results
- Uploaded data is compressed dynamically to save CPU
- Improved searching of passive sources
- TitanEsel Community
- TitanEsel Suche
- never show files as complete
- Look to Tray with password
- Webbrowser
- dual Serverconnect
- improved source finding for low id
- adjustable Highspeed Credit System (Applejuice)
–> Mehr Infos zu Applejuice
- improved Community Source Exchange
- Fakeresultsfilter 0.23

Changelog 4.00:
- update to 0.48a
- browser improvements
- community speedboost


eMule.0.48a.Titandonkey.v4.0-Bin.rar (2.93 MB) official Mirror: Download bin

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