Saturday, June 16, 2007

eMule 0.48a µMule 3.0 (0.48a)

µMule v3.0

µMule 3.0 (0.48a)

- added: Webbrowser
- added: dynamic block request
- added: Emulate other clients
- added: DiffQR
- added: QRETA
- added: Speedmeter
- added: Redesigned Client Detail Dialog
- added: SaveKAD
- added: Fakealyzer
- added: client percentage
- added: Enhanced Client Recognition
- added: Antileech system
- added: undetectable Community
- added: Optimizer
- added: Winsock2
- added: Fakequeue
- added: new Creditsystem
- added: Upoadmanagment
- added: many fixes patches...
- added: GUI changes
- removed: IRC
- removed: Scheduler
- removed: Help
- changed: Toolbar

emule 0.48a µMule 3.0 LZMA.rar (1.38 MB) - (Mirror)

upx(v3.00) mode /LZMA /9: Real Checksum: 00171D49h (1,43 MB = 1.507.328 bytes) emule.exe


Anonymous said...

emule.exe PE Header:
(Header's Checksum: 00000000h / Real Checksum: 001B68DDh)
EOF Position: 0049D000h (4837376)
Time Date Stamp: 46711EEAh (14.06.2007 - 10:56:42)
Machine: i386(R)

File Info:
File compressed with UPX
Compression level: 9
Uncompressed size: 7074156 bytes
Compressed size: 1694716 bytes
Original file size: 4837376 bytes

Anonymous said...

- Webbrowser
+ Light Gui (remove not needed icons, graphic stuff)
run upx 3.00 /LZMA

result can get it possible compact below 1.2 MB

Great mod!

Anonymous said...

He can remove/optimize also:
- debug
- minimule (rest parts off)
- update check
+ fine optimizations (res.)
+ change to bin graphic src
= >1 mb
ultra compact

nothing less, it's the best compact, small emule out there!

Anonymous said...

And why don't they use by emule, upx opensource exe packer by every mod if it reduce the 5 mb and more to a little as 1,8 mb and less?
I just run it on AliMule v1.0:
upx.exe --lzma -9
result: 1,64 MB

unpack -d filename.exe

Anonymous said...

I would like to announce a few new mods:





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