Sunday, June 24, 2007

eMule v0.48a Xtreme 6.0 Leecher

eMule v0.48a Xtreme 6.0 Leecher
Based on v0.48a Xtreme 6.0 Final Gockhun's Leecher Mod

[+] Server rotation
[+[ Unlimited searchresults
[+] Fix for random crush while shutdown [Xanatos]
[+] Invalid client filter
[+] Upload Start Sense [gatchmule]

Fixed : Queuesize Problem
[-] Stupid Cartoon graphics (Anabolica Creature) removed and Original added
[fixed] Phrase (Cryptoglyphe Language $ etc...) in all Dialogues, Menu and Options to original (Translation Language Files, Keyboard shortcuts work again)
[+] Other clean up's

known issues:
Main Dialog Header Message not fixed yet (Fu.. LW).
One phrase (Files = Fil$) in Main footer info not fixed yet.

Download: emule0.48a-Xtreme6.0 Leecher.7z (5.49 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

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