Wednesday, June 6, 2007

eMule 0.48a Fireball v2.0


June, 6. 2007

- Releaser Community
— enter Community Nick-Addons seperated by “|”
— select Releaser Community Score Boost or set an own Upload Level
— Releaser Community Client Icon [icon from Xtreme]
— mark Clients in Mod Client detail page and show found Nick-Addons
- Download Permission
- changed Active Spreading for new eMule v0.48a source exchange
- increased time a client has to be in upload before he can be dropped because of too low slotspeed
- fixed minor bug with drop Clients with too low slotspeed if Slotfocus was enabled
Applejuice Creditsystem:
- limit number of max allowed Creditdownload Clients depending on own download limit (or download capacity)
- disable Applejuice Creditdownload on stopping file
- reduced Overhead of Applejuice Creditsystem
- fixed bug with Applejuice Creditfactor on completing and stopping file
- stop Applejuice Creditdownload depending on number of downloading clients via Creditdownload
- increased maximal allowed value for Autostart Applejuice Creditdownload
- send Queuerank again on sending new Creditfactor
- don’t count Applejuice Credit saving answers from old clients (because of a bug)
- minor change on loading Applejuice Credits
- increased max allowed Applejuice Creditdownload Autostart and Autostop value
- some other optimizations
- only overwrite creditsave.dat file on closing eMule if we were connected to the network this session
- fixed minor bug with forcing community source exchange after a file was stopped
- Client icon for Applejuice Releaser Clients (Clients who support Applejuice Community, but disabled it) [icon by Snake-eATER]
— also mark them in Mod Client detail page
- fixed bug with better sending Queuerank to Community Clients on first connect
- improved hidden File detection
- some other fixes on Anti-Leecher System
- increased max allowed lenght of username to 80 characters
- changed file buffer setting steps to 256KB per step
- fixed minor bug with Bad Hello Tag and Ghost Mod Anti-Leecher log entries
- changed and removed some links
- some minor changes and fixes
- Colored Upload Feedback
- icon for files with Download Permission ‘Community Clients’ in shared files, upload and queue list
- fixed showing wrong Client icon for leechers in known Clients list
- updated German translation
- updated Italian translation [laraspa59]
- updated Spanish translation [karateka608]
Download Permission:
You can set maximal 1 file to Permission ‘Community Clients’ and then only (Releaser) Community
Clients can download this file from you. Other Clients will not be able to see that you share

Download: (4.24 MB) - (DDL)


Anonymous said...

I hate Apple juice credit system and comms. Make emule sharing free with everyone same priority of downloads or use a messenger or email to share files privat coz if so then is no emule net needed. Simple Yahoo messenger shares faster in a groupe as a difficult emule mod for a community.

some netbone said...

Get of Leecher-world, com'n. The original sources shown here that not one download is need to do on l-w.cum. The logos snaps began to share as the first green uTorrent (big) design (original by a friend board in russia used since 2003) got copied to your uTorrent mods. This logo wasn't done for you. People know where to get the original hosting mods downloads direct from webservers this makes it senceless to put it in a database and let the members posting for another storage download. So what's the secret you want do? This place is not our forum its just a enhanced blogger page what you cut to in hope to get a better google ranking by (you know the name by self if setup loz sites pointing to one destination). In SEO the spider will recognize it Webmasters should know that this don't bring any benefits.
As Webserver owner under us, if IP ranges on webserver firewall get no answer, collect modem dial up free test internet access promo cards, ISP test packages to by pass it.

Anonymous said...

But the description they do very well even if we all know the original download places of the mod creators. Just our systime is set GMT+8Hours

Anonymous said...

Arabella and Merza Small Screenshot is from us too what they have copied.
But Sarim and the other uTorrent green logo must be removed cause it's designed by a friends site in Russia. It's not a screenshot who everyone can do the same!

Anonymous said...

ahh look into them archiv:
eMule 0.47c - LoCMuLe Xtreme 3.0
copied from us
Titan and many more the download url to homepage from us (hint)
Why don't they want share as every other does and let the members post like crazy for public leecher mods? These are not Privat Builds.

Greez someone oode.germany

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