Wednesday, May 21, 2008

eMule 0.49a upload limit patch for 56K modem by wyx

For 56 Kb modem by RTB (basic telephone network) or less.

Instead of 6 Kb / s downlink and 2 Kb / s upload, gets a 6 ducking and 1 climb. It earns 1 Kb / s downlink, to liberate 1 climb. This serves to connections that have the ascent and descent by the same thread as the PSTN.

It makes no sense to put this crack in another type of Internet connections that are higher than 56Kb modem, such as ADSL, cable, etc.. As they have several threads to drop and many others to rise. By putting crack not win letdown. In addition to raise less, earn less credits and send you back less.

Para modem de 56 Kb por RTB (red telefónica básica) o inferiores.

En vez de 6 Kb/s de bajada y 2 Kb/s de subida, se pone a 6 de bajada y 1 de subida. Se gana 1 Kb/s de bajada, al liberar 1 de subida. Esto sirve para las conexiones que tienen la bajada y subida por el mismo hilo como la RTB.

No tiene sentido poner este crack en otro tipo de conexiones a internet que sean superiores a modem de 56Kb, como ADSL, cable, etc., ya que tienen varios hilos para bajada y otros tantos para subida. Al poner el crack no se ganaría bajada. Además al subir menos, se ganan menos créditos y te envían menos.

eMule 0.49a

95FCA: 3D001000005657668B3Dxxxxxxxx73xx3D0028000073xxB903000000F7E1
EB3A al siguiente movzx eax, di (después del ret)
3D00100000 cmp eax, 00001000
56 push esi
57 push edi
668B3D00EC7700 mov di, word ptr [0077EC00]
7310 jnb xx
3D00280000 cmp eax, 00002800
7333 jnb xx
B903000000 mov ecx, 00000003
F7E1 mul ecx

15D845: 75xx8B1Dxxxxxxxx6A006A00

Download: eMule 0.49a upload limit patch for 56K modem by


Anonymous said...

Great work as always guy. I'm just wondering, what emule would you think is the best of all the bunch out there or that you would recommend? I've only tried MorphTX and Xtreme Mod.

Anonymous said...

ZZ-R, it support all credit systems, is not full with thousend settings, upload and download is very fast. you can hide in certain cases files in shared folder (no publish to ed2k network). yes it have the possibility to limit upload sharing but don't do if not really needed for example if your bandwidth is limited or you need all upload speed temporary for other things.

Anonymous said...

BCNL IbericaXT

Anonymous said...

Thnaks a lot that someone think about us modem dial up user. Works great I have 44kb/s only.

Garcia said...

The EMule Tuxman mods are very good too!!!
Light and fast!
Check it out eMule Beba and Analyzer Mod.

Anonymous said...

Lots of mod suggestions. Thank you all for the input. I'll give each one a go.

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