Tuesday, May 6, 2008

VeryCD easyMule 1.0.0 beta 06-May-08

VeryCD easyMule 080506
VeryCD easyMule 1.0.0 080506 beta
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VeryCD easyMule
VeryCD team is based on open source as in eMule agreement. On the basis of the development of a new eMule Mod

The characteristics are:
1. Brand new interface, more intuitive to use simple
2. Penetration within the network, download speeds improved significantly
3. Edge under the watch, great content online players
4. Disk buffer to maximize the protection of hard disk
5. Omnipotent download a variety of comprehensive agreement to exchange
6. Quick Search, a direct access to key search results
7. Arbitrary download, the download directory arbitrary designation
8. Continued sharing

VeryCD eDonkey easyMule 1.0.1 080506beta [2008-05-06]
* Fixed bug: upload specific circumstances can not be displayed in the list of users
* Fixed bug: some special http link could not be downloaded
* Fixed bug: http agreement to return to first deal with some of the misconceptions
* Fixed bug: the original http / ftp site update files, not only from the original site to ensure that the download is complete
* Procedures Optimization: Download speed up the final stages of completion rate
* Optimize the interface: the mouse moved to the left when the search field, automatic pop-up search methods (VeryCD search and eDonkey Web search) to the users choose


BIN: easyMule-080506Beta-BIN.7z

older Version BIN:

If you delete the Language Files under \Lang, it's English

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