Sunday, May 4, 2008

FlashGet Mini English

- Main Menu Translated (spell errors - may remain) I have shorten some words, later will be corrected.
- Search buscar set to FileMirrors
- Status Icon (Taskbar right click menu) and floating Download Bar translation done...

It's not easy, the OS is not Chinese to display by translation the Chinese letters correct (I can not read Chinese at all) and Google Translate it to English (need spell correction). All I did is > Control Panel > Regional and Language Settings > Advanced > Select Language for non-Unicode Programs >
ImageBanana - HowToChn.jpg Chinese (PRC) in Windows OS to display Chinese Letters and Google Translate from Notepad. With PE Tools Replace Chinese Words with English from Google Translation. Finalize with PE Corrector the internal PE exe checksum. (It's Delphi).

It's an excellent quite fast Downloader (Download Manager) not only by http / ftp protocol.

The FlashGet Mini BitTorrent Core is:
ProductName: FlashGet BTCore
some parts are: by P.J. Plauger, licensed by Dinkumware, Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Descargar, Herunterladen:

Download FlashGet Mini Full Package: flashgetmini_beta1_black-filemirrors.rar (1.95 MB)
DDL: flashgetmini_beta1_black-filemirrors.rar
Download updated English (new) program exe (replace with the old one): FlashGetMini.exe (1.56 MB)

If there are stats collection its: but: AVxml_archive_exception@archive@boost@@ exception_code@archive_exception@archive@boost@@

Update: FlashGet Mini English Translated 90%

Right Mouse click menus translated in Main Window, Task Bar Icon and Floating Status Bar

Download as update (replace FlshGet.exe) New FlashGet Mini English Program exe:
DDL Mirror

Complete Program updated (unrar and run): flashgetmini_beta1_black-english-filemirrors.rar (1.95 MB)
DDL Mirror

Security Fix:
DELETE file: libStatistics.dll and BugReport.exe
in FlashGet Mini Folder !!!
It phone possible home your stats!!!
Here some code snips from that dll file:
clientaction/reinstall/%s/%s/%s/%s/%d/%d/%s/%s/%d GET HTTP/1.1
%d Accept: */*
Referer: - \xa2\xa2HttpClient User-Agent: Connection: close

Content-Type Location Content-Range Transfer-Encoding Content-Length Content-Disposition filename=

and p2snetio.dll:

In BugReport.exe is:
and some more phone homes

Changing some letters (inside the urls) in the files where the urls are written
like: always subdomain.flushgot.zom (any non exist url) with hexeditor over it or try remove http:// by space filling, save the files and the "call homes" are gone as well. Follow in next version by default! I believe the collected stats are possible content for anything we don't know with or without IP's on these servers log.

Check by self: and
subdomain Req. answer: It works!
route the subdomains to port or localhost alternative put into Firewall/Router example drop in/out request:

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