Friday, May 30, 2008

eMule 0.49a edizione speciale

Special Mod:

add emulate comunity nick addon
add client percentage
add Download in Bold
add extra info in detail client
add fakerank
add fast reask
add force upload for friend
add Hide Files Complete (on/off) in page Connection
add no upload for single file in Upload Priority
add show total upload and download in download queue,under completed
add unlimit serach
add uploadmanagement
add uploadprotector
remove ratio

Source ed2k Network: ed2k://fileeMule%200.49a%20edizione%20speciale.rar17788469C033AB47A04999495B6BB7253A4B2EE/
It must be posted by all mods the Mod Homepage (new source page) as refference!

Download: eMule 0.49a edizione speciale.rar - Mirror

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