Thursday, May 15, 2008

eMule 0.49a AnalyZZUL v1.1

May 15 2008
eMule 0.49a AnalyZZUL v1.1 modified by Tuxman, inspired by pesti
FEAT | Moonlight | SUQWT

May 13 2008
eMule 0.49a AnalyZZUL v1.0 modified by Tuxman, inspired by pesti
BASE | zz | eMule 0.49a ZZUL 20080512-0047
FEAT | WiZaRd/CB | Client Analyzer 1.5
CHGE | Tuxman | version string, eMule logo

NewsSource in download file changelog

Download from TuXMan:
Bin: AnalyZZUL 1.1 Binary.7z
DirectLink: 1.1 Binary.7z
Src: AnalyZZUL 1.1 Source.7z
DirectLink: 1.1 Source.7z

+ Good upload Speed!
-/+ by enabled Analyser limited connectivity to some mods with modstring feature (code snip) independend if enabled send modstring or disabled


Anonymous said...

eMule 0.49a AnalyZZUL no up, -ratio

Tuxman said...

Definitely not...

By the way:
What I wanted to say with the "welcome message" is that you should stop linking to external webspaces without asking for permission... :-p


Anonymous said...

By the way:
The message you tried to translate means that I wanted to keep the AnalyZZUL in eMF only, but now that you "published" it, I - at least - want to keep knowing where it's spread... :)

Garcia said...

I got the translation, sorry didn't know that rules in the net with permission to link. Please when index the web I must at least in folder found a text file or something that to this place should no link be set in the web. I dont sign up in forums or write on 3th sites any messages. Leave email in a text file or direct in "external" folder. Set a metatag noindex nocatch so that the instruction set can be recognized.
I can not say how many sites index out newsfeed in a database but ~30 - 40 is possible so it will be automatical "spread" on all newsfeed "external sites" from rss/atom output. A hotlink cause of unknow hosting condition if there are any traffic limits or not have not be set. the download url is virtual real but the hotlink download comes from another hosting.
What is "eMF"? I follow the rules of indexing whatever sites this are if there no certain meta tags or bot rules are present is to understand the content of this sites is global and not limited for indexing for search engines, rss reader republishing etc....

tuxman said...

@ Garcia:
eMF means eMuleFuture, the board I initially developed this mod for...

It's not the linking to my mod, I don't really care about it, it's the linking to my webspace.
I thought you first got information about this mod via eMuleFuture (well, it was available here shortly after I posted it there), so I also thought you'd read that anyone who wants to spread the AnalyZZUL should set a link to the according topic...

However, it doesn't care anymore now... but I hope it could clarify my point.

No offense meant!

tuxman said...

Another P.S.:
I think it's quite funny to see my mods between all those leecher mods. ;)

Garcia said...

over the Italian ddos island domain I found it.
The mod is good. Here is all mixed Leecher mods, Releaser Mods all moded emule things across collected.

P.S. The upload speed is very good!
Antileech system works well better as the dll. I like eMule with traditional Toolbar on top and without webbrowser is best.
I checked very late that the webspace traffic on Arcor is limit to only 1 gigabyte. Friend can make mirror on Arcor 5 gig free so that visitors dont need to browse many sites to get to the download link.

is it possible to make a mod with aMule???

Garcia said...

the download folder I mean to the domain

Tuxman said...

I don't really know much about aMule, but I know its code is quite different from eMule, so I doubt I will ever do any modification...

The AntiLeech system which uses a .dll (ARGOS/DLP or sth?) doesn't catch many leechers, mostly releasers. Indeed.

I'm however glad that you like this mod... :)

Anonymous said...

This emule have very little Download speed. Upload speed is fast.

Tuxman said...

It's not a leecher mod, it doesn't have Applejuice bullshit or many other downloading tweaks, it's basically for releasers; that's why it may have a slightly slower startup than mods like beba. :)

Tuxman said...

I dunno, I dislike aMule... it doesn't find many files/sources on search, and the search window itself is hella unclear...

Anonymous said...

Any changes to support ip-to-country.csv?
Latest cvs compiled bin for windows:

Anonymous said...

Im on *nix most of the time. I did try Windows Home server x64 but didn't work as I want it. I use on laptop windows os. The mod works there fine. It's fast and light, all what I want from a good emule mod.

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