Monday, May 19, 2008

eMule 0.49a RapCom Mod

eMule v0.49a RapCom Mod
eMule v0.49a RapCom Mod
v9.02 pre

DaZZle & RapCom Settings adapt to 0.49 code base
Set default Webbrowser Home page to Google / Thanks to Berlin
AV Scnner find install default path :: bug / not fixed
> Avast Pro use Avast Home >Norman C:/Norman change to others /ProgramFiles/Norman/...
> RapCom Mod Download Tweak Settings Dialog Bug / w/o lang.dll, string ref. missing?

Bebas TITS and Birds Screen added

News src: ed2k network

emule-0.49a-rapcom_pre_2.rar DLL Later
emule-0.49a-rapcom_pre.rar DLL Later

Changelog taken from diff since last 0.48 rapcom v.

Copyright 2007 ?!?

A real RapCom Mod is codded by ksa2000!


tuxman said...

beba's tits and birds screen? gosh!

IlLusioN said...

Jups, I did open it with pe tools and found that picture resources in that mod. I don't know if it work cause I do not test all mods.
Millions of tits pictures on the world wide web but they did copy the one from beba.
Dialogues Messages incomplete, AV module still not fixed. It look for the av scanner install path under root drive/av scanner name. It must be systemdrive/progra~1/av scanner name/
Or do they not use default install and install all into root dir?

Garcia said...

I thought it's hexedited but isnt its ms c++ output compiled.
Debug info src not cleaned, internal crc incorrect Calculating Header's Checksum: 00000000h / Real Checksum: 006D69E1h > c++ compiler untouched (not optimized) as it comes from M$.

tuxman said...

They even kept the "see v1.6 changelog" information in the pictures.
Lemme guess... the modificator doesn't have any clue of what he does?

Tuxman said...

Sure; I should really put a thank-you into beba.

Anonymous said...

the language files are recognized by the File Version: is what the language url will give back on request as language files version.

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