Sunday, May 18, 2008

DVDFab 5

TEAM DVT Release:
In some release is a Trojan added to the exe:
rename the patched dvdfab.exe to
extract > 2files
crack anynumber.exe (Trojan Virus)
dvdfab.exe (patched exe, packed with NsPacK V3.7 -> LiuXingPing * [LordPE])

NsPack 3.7 unpack (it's a shit packer, see with hexviewer) > removed update url (with the update check, it will not start if install 1st time and a new version is available on server. A poor solution set a registry key entry updatecheck=0 local machine HKLM, current user HKCU,...)
Put the clean exe without the update check into the installer (inno)

DVDFab 5 clean edition (can show false positive rests from old packer not cleaned):
DVDFab 5.exe

DVDFab (Option: Mobile) - CrashRpt.dll Hack LaDidi & Charly and Bernat's way. For Windows x86 ONLY - does not work on 64bit OS!!!
DVDFab 5x.exe

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