Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Emule 0.49a Beta3 Released

eMule 0.49a BETA3
- May, 5. 2008 -
.: Made sure to always use the intern UDP port if both (intern and extern) ports succeed in the firewall test
.: Control chars are now filtered out of ed2k-links / received filenames [eklmn]
.: Fixed a small bug with handling removed category directories on startup [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
.: Changed installer to set the currently used shared usage setting as default if available

- May, 3. 2008 -
.: Fixed another bug in the new UDP firewalltest, causing it to fail for results on the extern UDP port and for unreachable clients
.: Captchas can consist of numbers now too (except 0)
.: Fixed a smaller issue with finding and connecting to a buddy
.: Buddy search interval has been reduced, to increase the chance to find a buddy without waiting too long

- May, 1. 2008 -
.: Changed the Crypt functions a bit for faster processing [netfinity]

05/06/2008: Updated to Beta3
04/30/2008: Updated to Beta2



eMule v0.49a BETA3 - Installer

eMule v0.49a BETA3 - Binary

eMule v0.49a BETA3 - Sources

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