Tuesday, May 13, 2008

µTorrent 1.8 beta 10181

µTorrent 1.8 build 10181 Beta Changelog:
- Change: token-based webui changes to prevent XSRF (optional: webui.token_auth)
- Change: upload activity prevents a downloading torrent from being marked as "inactive"
- Fix: rare crash bug with incoming socket timeout
- Fix: .torrent autoload problems when using Add Torrent dialog
- Fix: XP UPnP IP field bug

uncompressed: http://download.utorrent.com/beta/utorrent-1.8-beta-10181.uncompressed.exe
upx compressed: http://download.utorrent.com/beta/utorrent-1.8-beta-10181.upx.exe

Blue EdiTion:
Icon Set to Blue style
Connection Icon from Green Ok > to Blue High Voltage
DSLReports.com > to Speedtest.net
thats all

utorrent-1.8-beta-10181.uncompressed.exe (with signature :)
utorrent-1.8-beta-10181.opt.exe (little bit smaller)
utorrent-1.8-beta-10181.upx.exe (micro - upx compressed)

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