Thursday, May 22, 2008

eMule 0.49a Beba v2.01

Tuxman's eMule beba

v2.01 [the brightest edition]:
Another small maintenance update, mainly to try to cut the run on my AnalyZZUL mod...
Thanks to pesti for testing Slot Focus under heavier conditions...
By the way, to the guys @ I'm not TitsMan. *lol*

sorry Tuxman sorry ...wrote error...
I really apologize for that mistake!

* May 21, 2008
* Happy 3rd birthday, beba!

- improved: added .flv to video file types [Tuxman]
- improved: Slot Focus probability [BlueSonicBoy]

- fix (b): fixed the Analyzer's spam recognition [WiZaRd, taken from eMuleFuture-CVS]
- fix (b): the Client Details' window was undersized :-) [Tuxman]

- changed: moved mod version string to Version.h [Tuxman]


On the Direct Links to Download on differnet locations:
Bin: eMule0.49a_beba_v2.01_21.05.08_bin.7z?download @Server France @Server Moskow @Server Amsterdam @Server California @Server TW
@Server USA2 @Server UK
Src: eMule0.49a_beba_v2.01_src.7z?download @Server France @Server TW @Server Amsterdam @Server Moskow

Beba Mod detect Bad Filefaker and many more...

Ip2country is missing so you can ot know if this mode works on far distances.


Anonymous said...

Can with the Mod download the Mods I found:



Garcia said...

I can not found the type error. Did a search to the whole blog...

Tuxman said...

A "typo", eh?

However, thanks for the gratulations...

IlLusioN said...

typos >>>> Ein "Tippfehler", written.
Der Fehler wurde geschrieben.

Tuxman said...

I know that. But I srsly doubt it was a typo.
'twas kinda cynical, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Excellent mod

Anonymous said...

Feature request:
- Filter Server URLs
Razorback 3.2 (
server version 17.15 (lugdunum) with own eMule-Version:
our service for you (worldwide): - get 3 Movies for free! - get 750 free MP3! - get games for free! - do you like some p*rn for free?
also visit: for Cracks & for eMule, Torrent ...

- Make use of ip2country.cvs
- show ip's
- Make left click show details in download window "clents" selectable with mouse to mark to copy past in clipboard the user info fields.
- reask time to 15 - ...

Tuxman said...

- First feature request denied for now... I think Kad should be enough for everyone... ;)
- IP2Country: Useless bells & whistles.
- Show IPs: Useless bells & whistles.
- Make left click show details in download window ...: What's that meant to improve?
- reask time to ...: Forbidden behavior, due to the rules...

(Feel free to add any comments to beba's support forums, I hardly can handle them here...)

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