Saturday, May 10, 2008

eMule 0.48a PlayMule Build 080509

PlayMule - basis of customary finished eMule (China eDonkey)
PlayMule - PlayMule and other P2P software compared to the advantages and characteristics:

Support functions (support RMVB, RM format)
provide the clearest and most fluent playback of the network movie, just buffer 2-5 minutes can be fluent in to watch the download online.
P2P networks crawling support functions, automatic access to popular P2P network resources, a great convenience to users to download.
Optimization of network users to download, thereby greatly increasing the speed of network users to download.
DLP Antileech fetures....

Please check specific operations: PlayMule's new operating guidance
There are more, such as you to find ...


Player (MPlayer): Info:

Download BIN: PlayMule_Build_080509bin.7z
Download Installer:

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