Thursday, May 1, 2008

Halite v Snapshot - Halite Bugfix v

Halite is a BitTorrent client based on the libtorrent library from The program is written in C++ relying on the Boost libraries and WTL. It is open sourced under the MIT and/or Boost software licence.

Another small incremental release.

Snapshot v Revision 408
March 26, 2008


- UnPlug and Play
- Managed

DHT enable / disable option

Protocol encryption:
- Plaintext
- RC4
- Both (Prefer RC4) option, Incoming and outgoing seperated

- from v to
1) Right-click context menu option to ‘Open download folder’.
2) Right-click context menu option to force a file recheck.
3) Option to move seeding torrent to another folder.
4) Fixed a bug with tracker logins. Revision 386 Snapshot 2008-02-24 Revision 381 Snapshot 2008-02-07

Halite Bugfix v

Just a small release to address some of the more careless bugs that slipped through. One or two reported but not addressed yet will be soon.

- from v 0.3 to
1) Fixed a bug with Tray Icon remaining after window was restored.
2) Torrent Connection and Transfer setting mapped to incorrect editbox.
3) Subtle bug where some settings didn’t register straight away.


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