Friday, May 23, 2008

xp-AntiSpy 3.97 Beta

xp-AntiSpy 3.97 Beta
Tweaks category added: potential unwanted or redunant Windows settings, components can be disabled.
xp-AntiSpy since Version 3.96-7 was tested with Service Pack3 for Windows XP



Program is usefull for P2P, it can patch by all Windows Versions Vista, XP, 32 and 64 bit the maximum TCP IP connection limitation - Server OS such as Windows Home Server (WHS x86 + x64), Windows 2003 svr have no limits in tcpip.sys.

Please see Screenshot on a test Computer used for Windows Filesharing P2P:
Any mad software have patched the tcpip.sys from normal 10 to 9 max connections:

Reset to initial state and patch again fixed it to unlimited:


Anonymous said...

9 was by me too. Did DPCs driver interrupts run with high CPU consume before patch to unlimted?

Anonymous said...

Do the following:
reset initial state
patch to 50 or unimit
windows ask for "sys file changed continue using unrecognized..." or recover using windows cd in drive.
Put the windows cd in drive before you patch, it recover to the original tcpip.sys
check by run xp-antispy again if its now by 10 unpatched!
Patch it to 50 or unlimit, reboot!
If its by below 10 anything can have highjacked this file and maybe more so i suggest to recover the original file first.

Anonymous said...

Originals are backed up before patched hence the fall back to initial state and windows always keeps the important key files under Repair folder in windows and tcip in drivers.

As for the the beta, the added 3 tweaks are fabulous. Always wanted CMD under context menu but forgot how and was too lazy to research so this makes it all the more easier. Wonder why this wasn't tweaked into the current 3.98 instead :/

Anonymous said...

My bad... that was 3.96-8. Was thinking 3.97-8 :P

Anonymous said...

was need to look twice to the Version number thought Final cant be newer as the beta Version.
I did not have a backup from tcpip.sys on harddisk. It's possible that by testing emule Mods any mod like the "fake" emule off 4.0 version (not the real one) the one who restart the PC have replaced or patched tcpip.sys to below 10 connections before on that system?

Anonymous said...


Should have backup there when being replaced. Atleast for me it does.

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