Monday, May 26, 2008

eMule v0.48a PlayMule Build 080523

PlayMule - emule eDonkey2000 network is based on the new P2P file-sharing tool, not only provides a standard feature of all eDonkey, also provides also provides many additional features, many netizens have been the favorite! PlayMule Chinese version of the original English edition will not only inherit all the characteristics and paste in the use of Chinese netizens on the basis of customary finished eMule (China eDonkey) so that the original complex professional software easier to use.

PlayMule and other P2P software compared to the advantages and characteristics:
Under the watch-support functions (support RMVB, RM format), provide the clearest and most fluent of the network movie, just buffer 2-5 minutes can be fluent in to watch the on-line.
P2P networks crawling support functions, automatic access to popular P2P network resources, a great convenience to users to download.
Optimization of network users to download, thereby greatly increasing the speed of network users to download.
Please check specific operations: PlayMule's new operating guidance
There are more you can find ...

PlayMule Main Features:

- DLP Antileech
- Player (MPlayer):
Info: BBS:


Mirror: PlayMule_Build_080523.exe

Older Version

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