Friday, May 30, 2008

eMule 0.49a SBI Leecher v1.5

eMule SBI Leecher v1.5

-emulate other clientsoftware (switchable) * - Outdated
-don’t send complete file status (switchable)*
-fake rank (switchable)*
-block spammers (switchable)*
-auto reload shared files if download is complete (fix coded)
-no upload (switchable)*
-no share any files (switchable)*
-no share the incoming folder (switchable)*
-don’t send filelist to server (switchable)*
-don’t publish filelist in KAD (switchable)*
-add No Ratio (fix coded)
-add unlimited search results (fix coded)
-reask client for download (downloadqueue)
-kick all Peers Button (Uploadqueue)**
-kick & bann buttons (Uploadqueue Downloadqueue Waitingqueue)
-clear banlist buttons (Uploadqueue Downloadqueue Waitingqueue)
-queuezise changing [0-10000] (advanced Options)
-add SBI Menue (Settings)
-add forum link button (maincontrollbar)
-add new splashscreen [thx Manas]
-updated code to emule 0.49a

- emulate other clientsoftware (newer mac, *nix mule clients straight from svn, builds since 2008 will cause a ban and kick if emulate the client. It might, should or can not more work.)

It must be posted by all mods the Mod Homepage (new source page) as refference!


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