Tuesday, May 20, 2008

µTorrent 1.8 beta 10364

µTorrent 1.8 build 10364 beta

2008-05-20: µTorrent Version 1.8 beta (build 10364)
- Change: grey out association buttons if associated
- Change: stagger PEX interval per-torrent
- Change: keep the RSS publication date after the torrent is added, for 'Added On'
- Fix: (XP UPnP) no need to remove the mappings if they are the same port number
- Fix: crash when saving resume.dat with very large peer lists
- Fix: crash when a connection limit is hit and there is no "most inactive" peer and a local peer connection arrives

upx compressed:

Icon Set Blue
DSLReports >
uncompressed: utorrent-1.8-beta-10364.uncompressed.exe DDL
upx compressed: utorrent-1.8-beta-10364.upx.exe DDL

info_hash=%.20U&peer_id=%.20U&port=%d&uploaded=%Ld&downloaded=%Ld&left=%Ld&key=%.8X%s&numwant=%d&compact=1&no_peer_id=1%s%s&t_checkin=%d&w_downloaded=%Ld&p_downloaded=%Ld&p_uploaded=%Ld&w_bad=%Ld&w_fail=%d&c_bytes=%Ld&h=%s ï¡E ð¡E ¢E ¢E $¢E &ipv6=%U %V &ip=%a &event=started &event=started &event=stopped &event=paused

no event completed :)
utorrent-1.8-beta-10364.event.exe Mirror

... %s %A fail:%d seen:%d age:%S ver:%s   ?   Bucket %d: %.8X%.8X%.8X%.8X%.8X (replacement cache: %d) Num buckets: %d. My DHT ID: %s  Total torrents: %d  Total peers: %d %d: %s: %d peers    List of tracked torrents:   d1:ad2:id20:%.
20me1:q4:ping1:t4:%.4m1:v4:%.4m1:y1:qe d1:ad2:id20:%.20m9:info_hash20:%.20m4:porti%de5:token%d:%.*me1:q13:announce_peer1:t4:%.4m1:v4:%.4m1:y1:qe d1:ad2:id20:%.20m9:info_hash20:%.20me1:q9:get_peers1:t4:%.4m1:v4:%.4m1:y1:qe d1:ad2:id20:%.20m6
:target20:%.20me1:q9:find_node1:t4:%.4m1:v4:%.4m1:y1:qe 5:nodes%d: announce_peer get_peers find_node ping q t y d h t . d a t age id e1:t%d:%.*m1:v4:%.4m1:y1:re 6:%.6m 6:valuesl 5:token20:
E r r o r : [ 0 x % X ] % s : N o l o n g e r h a v e p i e c e : % u
port peer id ip %I external ip S w a r m t e r m i n a t e d b y t r a c k e r terminate swarm min interval interval &info_hash=%.20U %.*S/scrape%S%cinfo_hash=%.20U / a n n o u n c e uTorrent/180B u n a b l e t o p a r s
e m a g n e t U R I % s : P i e c e % d c o m p l e t e * * * % s : P I E C E % d F A I L E D H A S H C H E C K pieces path.utf-8 length name name.utf-8 private piece length created by comment creation date
ŸE éý ˜ŸE éý  ŸE ¨ŸE ¶ °ŸE µ ¸ŸE µ ¼ŸE ¨ ÄŸE ¨ ÌŸE ¨ ПE ¤ ÜŸE ¤ CP Windows- encoding nodes , , ... url-list announce announce-list utf-8 utf8 ansi big5 korean uhc chinese gb2312 gbk japanese
shift-jis D N S r e s o l u t i o n f a i l e d f o r % s 0 @33ó?warning message 5 0 4 0 4 %S%cinfo_hash=%.20U&peer_id=%.20U&port=%d&uploaded=%Ld&downloaded=%Ld&left=%Ld&corrupt=%Ld&key=%.8X%s&numwant=%d&compact=1&no_peer_id=1%s%s
%S%cinfo_hash=%.20U&peer_id=%.20U&port=%d&uploaded=%Ld&downloaded=%Ld&left=%Ld&key=%.8X%s&numwant=%d&compact=1&no_peer_id=1%s%s&t_checkin=%d&w_downloaded=%Ld&p_downloaded=%Ld&p_uploaded=%Ld&w_bad=%Ld&w_fail=%d&c_bytes=%Ld&h=%s ï¡E ð¡E ¢E ¢E $¢E &
ipv6=%U %V &ip=%a &event=started &event=started &event=stopped &event=paused I n v a l i d t o r r e n t f i l e H T T P i n v a l i d u r l : % S ? é@E R R O R : M e t a d a t a f o r ' % s ' c o u l
d n o t b e l o a d e d ! F i n i s h e d r e c e i v i n g m e t a d a t a f o r ' % s ' I n v a l i d d o w n l o a d s t a t e , t r y r e s u m i n g T o r r e n t f i l e c h a n g e d bt.

%.20m 2:id20:%.20m d1:rd e values r token info_hash target a v d1:ad2:id20: e1:q4:ping1:t4: 1:v4:

Dosn't make any differences in speed with DHT without if remove the url subdomains:

here without the above subdomains:

or d h t /node:// node://
BitSpirit DHT works fine

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