Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BitComet 1.02 Beta Build 2008.05.27

GUI Improved: removw server mode option in advanced netword settings
GUI Bugfix: auto check network status option cannoot be saved
GUI Bugfix: about dialog error
GUI Bugfix: program may crash if close main window before close software update prompt dialog
Core Bugfix: error occurs when connect to certain trackers: "Tracker Reture Zero Length Response"
Core Bugfix: EVENT_COMPLETE should be sent to tacker only when all files in BT task downloaded, not only selected


Adware embedded: Toolbar Downloader which get active under certain Gui Language settings! Other Ads Displaying and trackback traces are present!

Download and upload automatically stuff to and from this urls and from them folders:
SpyWare, AdWare !?!?$%7BNICK_NAME}

BitComet is Adware sponcered freeware


FW rule drop in/out to:

- BitCometRes.dll v1.0.0.1 is embedded in the program exe

- up to the Language settings bitcomet.exe download different toolbars from website folders:
an embedded Toolbar installer file from:

Some languages (Local Country OS Settings) return no need to install 3th party apps partner... toolbar ....
toolbars downloaders embedded and co.

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