Thursday, May 1, 2008

IE7Pro 2.3 Beta2


1. New Module: FasterIE, It will increase your IE surfing speed, But it may cause some problem. Take care
2. IE context menu add save selected source code to html,text,links
3. MiniDM new task support multi links now
4. MiniDM add an options: save file using timestamp from server
5. MiniDM support delete history & real file now
6. MiniDM support https protocol. refer:
7. Online bookmark support IE8 webslice now
8. New ActiveXObject interface. refer:
9. Fix crash recovery bug
10. Fix bug of online configuration backup
11. Fix some MiniDM bugs
12. Fix some vista bugs

IE7Pro 2.3 Beta2 MD5:ebaedaf1463181390099fa76b804b142

Download Link:
IE7Pro 2.3 Beta2

IE7Pro 2.3 Beta2 x64 MD5:89905b6952de56025bfbe4a2eeadee86

support x64
Download IE7Pro 2.3 x64 Beta2

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