Sunday, May 11, 2008

eMule PRO 1.3 +ONO v0.49a UseNexT Ads MoD

eMule 0.49a PRO 1.3 +ONO UseNexT Ads Mod

eMule PRO (1.3 +ONO) v0.49a

To use exlusive on ONO net ISP: -
Cableuropa - ONO
ONO net in whole Spain

- Usenext Speed Download related links (outside from emule net Payment account required)
- Trace your Search and Downloads to usenext for stats request
- User is a host/download source for the Mod to spread it.

Integrated Browser Ads Webpage:
Point to Ads site on
META Deutsch, DE, AT, CH
emulenet - erfahren Sie mehr über emulenet. Hier finden Sie Informationen zum Thema emulenet...

Download: eMule_0.49a_PRO_(+ONO).zip 1.86 MB
(you generate a host (source) with the update file and mod to download by self if you use it!!!)

known as:

Last one is on ed2k net the origin maker source IP. file: eMule_0.49a_PRO_(+ONO)

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