Thursday, May 1, 2008

cFosSpeed 4.21 build 1402

Whats new:

cFosSpeed 4.21 build 1402

+ Added a switch to log all TCP connections with their adresses, ports,
statistics, etc. to a disk file. This may be good if you want to see
what happened, when you didn't watch the status window. The data of the
sessions is not saved, only statistics.

To activate set "spd gset log_sessions 1". Add a "-save" if you want to
keep it activated after a restart. The disk file is called
session_log.txt; you can set it max size with gset variable
max_session_log_size, default is 1mb.

+ Added spd command "tcb" to show interactively some of the info that is
written to session_log.txt.

cFosSpeed 4.21 build 1401

x Low latency mode lowered the TCP MSS even in cases where the increased
amount of TCP ACKs would totally saturate the upstream. We now only
lower the MSS if the RX and TX rates are reasonably symmetrical. Thanks
to Oliver Rauh for bug report.

x To fix the case where line geometry is such that you have lots of download
and not much upload (like 1024/32) we now limit the amount of data that
is sent out prioritised in classes high and higher to 40% of TX-bandwidth
each. If that limit is exceeded, packets are sent out like any other
packet is with default priority.


Download: cFosSpeed 4.21 build 1402 x86 + x64

AI Roboform Pro 6.9.88.rar (latest)

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