Friday, December 7, 2007

Yahoo! Messenger Preview for Windows Vista and Mac OSX

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Yahoo! Messenger Version 9.0 Beta
Yahoo is the leading global Internet company Yahoo (Yahoo!) Launched the immediate chatting tool, it has its own unique chat scene (IMViroment); voice chat rooms; super video, and so on function, which allows you to friends, family, colleagues interesting and others to engage in full immediately exchange.
Here’s a list of the features included today:

- Entirely new interface that harnesses the power of WPF, the graphics subsystem in Windows Vista
- Organize your conversations into tabs, or drag and drop a tab out to create a new window
- Keep up with your favorite contacts by dragging them into the Windows Sidebar gadget
- Send enhanced emoticons that have some extra oomph
- Change the color of your IM windows with a built-in skin chooser. Go crazy with a different skin for every IM window!

- Adjust the display size of your contacts with a handy slider
- Arrange your contact list into multiple columns just by resizing your window
- Send instant messages to your Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger contacts
- Send files to friends as large as 2 GB
- Find contacts quickly with the contact search bar. Type in a few letters of the contact’s name or ID and they’ll come up in filtered results.
- As-you-type spell checker that’s smart enough to know that “LOL” is not something to correct
- A preferences menu you can access by right-clicking anywhere at the top of the main Messenger window

Download: Yahoo! Messenger Preview for Windows Vista
Download: Yahoo! Messenger Beta for Windows
Download: Yahoo! Messenger 3.0 Build 78326 for Mac OS X Beta 2
Download: Yahoo! Messenger DE for Windows

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