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DVDFab Platinum

DVDFab Platinum Latest Version Full Registered Key | Copy DVD to PSP, DVDR or iPod
DVDFab Platinum 4 by Fengtao Software, China Beijing, former DVDidle Freeware is all-in-one DVD copying/converting/burning software. In just one or two steps, you can copy any DVD to DVDR/PSP/iPod/etc.
DVDFab Platinum 4 is brand new, is completely rewritten, is based on more than 6 years of DVD copy software development.

December 29th, 2007
DVDFab Platinum Updated!

* New: Improved support for CORE X2 protection.
* Fix: A freeze problem when copying DVD in certain cases, which was introduced in, sorry!

December 26th, 2007
DVDFab Platinum Updated!

* Merry Christmas!
* New: Added support for a new copy protection as found on "Rush Hour 3", (US).
* New: Added support for a new CORE X2 protection as found on "Next", (R2, Czech).
The new CORE X2 is really hard to beat, but DVDFab can handle it now.
* New: Improved DVD structure cleaning module. Now DVDFab output is more compatible with other DVD programs.
* New: Improved PathPlayer to determine some special paths.
* New: Added more protection info in "Settings -> Info" window.
* New: Added support for Microsoft ZUNE and Xbox 360.
Please note you need have installed Windows Media Player 10 or 11 to use the feature.
* New: Added devices "ZUNE, NDS, Xbox 360 and PS3" to navigation bar.
* New: Updated A/V codecs for "DVD to Mobile".
* New: Updated language files.
* Fix: "Clone" mode may fail when copying data DVD in certain cases.
* Fix: A corrupt data problem when copying chapter range of "Main Movie".
* Fix: A crash problem when clicking "Settings" button in certain cases.
* Fix: A crash problem when using command line interface.
* Fix: A problem that encoding speed slows down to zero in certain cases, for "DVD to Mobile".
* Fix: A "process failed" problem when using h264 2-pass encoding, in certain cases for "DVD to Mobile".
* Fix: Several minor problems.

November 15th, 2007
DVDFab Platinum Updated!

* New: Added display of hard disk folder and ISO source in "Settings -> Info" window.
* New: Updated profiles for iPod family and PSP to select device resolution by default, for "DVD to Mobile".
* New: Updated language files.
* Fix: Option "Remove annoying PGCs" may cause playback problem, like "300", (US).
* Fix: A crash problem when splitting DVD in certain cases, like "Ratatouille", (US).
* Fix: A reading error 102 at the end of cloning DVD in certain cases, like "Cars", (US).
* Fix: Several errors 400(20 ...) when copying DVD in certain cases.
* Fix: Option "Default output size" could not be saved correctly.
* Fix: Option "Split by chapter" caused wrong output when chapter range is not started from first one, for "DVD to Mobile".

November 12th, 2007
DVDFab Platinum Updated!

* New: Brand new user interface, more professional!
* New: Rewritten DVD structure cleaning module.
a. When copying a range of chapters, the unselected chapters are removed, in "No menus" mode.
b. All unreferenced cells are removed in "No menus" mode.
c. When preserving menus, the unselected titles will not be played. In previous versions, the unselected titles will be converted to empty title and will be played.
* New: Added option "Change DVD playback order" in "Full Disc" and "Customize" mode. You can choose "Jump to first menu when disc inserted" or "Jump to main title when disc inserted".
* New: Added option "Remove annoying PGCs (like FBI warnings)" in "Full Disc" and "Customize" mode.
* New: Added timeout for PathPlayer to avoid infinite loop.
* New: Added more protection info in "Settings -> Info" window.
* New: Added option "Create files in subfolders of output directory".
* New: Added option "Display only forced subpicture" for "DVD to Mobile".
* New: Added option "Split by chapter" for "DVD to Mobile".
* New: Added profile for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, for "DVD to Mobile".
* New: Updated language files.
* Fix: A problem that "Enable PathPlayer" message will be shown again and again.
* Fix: Freeze problem at start of movie on certain standalone DVD players.
* Fix: A/V sync problem when using other DVD converting software except for DVDFab Platinum.
* Fix: A/V sync problem in certain cases for "DVD to Mobile", like "Meet the Robinsons".

 DVDFab Platinum
DVDFab - The ultimate DVD copying/converting/burning software! Copy any DVD to DVDR/PSP/iPod/etc.
DVD Region+CSS Free - Watch and copy any region code CSS-encrypted DVD on any DVD drive!
Download and Update Info:

DVDFab Platinum Screenshot
Download DVD Copying Software for free | Convert DVD to PSP...
DVDFab Platinum., Dec 29, 2007, International version, Windows Vista/XP/2000/98/ME 32-bit/64-bit, ~6.0 MB
DVDFab Platinum Multilanguage (all Versions Virus Free)

DVDFabPlatinum4032-ghost.exe (5.87 MB)
DVDFabPlatinum4032-LicensedFull.exe (5.81 MB)
DVDFabPlatinum4032-Registered.exe (5.81 MB)
DVDFabPlatinum4032-Licensed.exe (5.82 MB)

The Software comes with the DVD writing Engine:

"VSO Patin-couffin" drivers installation and configuration tool (PcSetup.exe) in Version Build 2006/2007 from French (France) VSO Convert X to DVD alias Copy X to DVD Program. The Driver will install as a 32 bit Windows system driver but works together with a installed VSOConvertXtoDVD.

Future more, parts from the following Freeware application are integrated/used:

DGMPGDec MPEG1/2 Decoder and Frame Server (Version for Avisynth 2.5) from

and DVD2AVI Version 1.77.x from
Download: and AviUtl 0.9x + English Language Plug-In

DVDFab 3th

part of OpenSSL 0.9.8e 23 Feb 2007, crypto RSA
crypto\asn1\tasn_dec.c crypto\asn1\tasn_enc.c crypto\asn1\tasn_new.c ECDSA part of OpenSSL 0.9.8e 23 Feb 2007 crypto\ecdsa\ecs_lib.c crypto\engine\tb_digest.c crypto\engine\eng_init.c ec2_mult.c .... SHA1 part of OpenSSL 0.9.8e 23 Feb 2007... are integrated
HTTP access via libcurl socks4 + ssl
Netscape HTTP Cookie File
by libcurl! CLIENT libcurl 7.16.4 + mailer

The Program is codded with Microsoft Visual C++ the program exe is protect with: ASprotect ver 2. ( dumped content for analysis under VM unpacked 1.42 internal: {app}.7z (1.45 MB) or here

Overall it's a all-in-one solution under a nice GUI, easy to use, rip or convert a DVD. Expert and Advanced user settings are not present but for most users the program options are enough to backup DVD movies to different devices. Knowledge is not required. The menu is easy to navigate and operate. Commercial codecs are not supported. XviD and other freeware and open source Audio/Video codecs are limited supported. The big plus are the integrated excellent copy protection killer and subtitle synch file ripper.

The Chinese Programmer Fengtao (
Beijing No.38, Haidian Dajie, Haidian Dist. Fengtao Software Inc.) have created a successful product to easy convert/burn DVD movies.

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save you buying DVD's for backup.
3 good DVD Players with MP4 (MKT chipset) and enhanced editable / upgradeable firmware with Nero pro, OGG, Flac, divx xvid and co and wmv, wma support) / internal LG Laser Drive also USB Pendrive and multi card reader slots. Mediamarkt, Aldi, Medion, LG and many good no names.
Coast the same price as this product above.
Alternative connect the PC Graphic out to TV in, a 20 - 30 Us Dollar Graphic board is more than enough good. 9 - 12 dollar coast the remote sensor unit for PC.

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