Tuesday, December 11, 2007

VeryCD easyMule 1.0.0 071207 Beta (Build from 07.12.2007)

VeryCD easyMule is a VeryCD teams new open source project on the basis of the development of a new product which has the following characteristics:
1. New interface, easier to use more intuitive
2. Penetration within the network, download speeds improved significantly
3. under inquired edge, interesting content online player
4. disk buffer to maximize the protection of hard disk
5. Almighty download, multi-protocol comprehensive transferable
6. Fast Search, a direct bond search results
7. arbitrary download, the download directory arbitrary designation
8. continued sharing, part in the test
(not recommended to install in the same eMule installation directory.)

071207 BETA

*fixed bug: Http download large files and it is the collapse of procedures
*fixed bug: Upload user list shows that the procedure caused the collapse
*fixed bug: Imported http / ftp download unable to complete tasks
*fixed bug: List servers exceptional circumstances could be shown the national flag
*fixed bug: After the restart procedures set lapse disk cache
*fixed bug: Kad search of a connecting wrong judgment
*fixed bug: Semi-open connect several judgment errors in the download speed dropped
*Other bug: restoration and improvement of certain experience

As all VeryCD official eMule Mods, easyMule is full GPL, GNU conform. A source code is provided by all VeryCD eMule Mods in the release announcement Forum section. Enhanced anti leecher functions are integrated, see VeryCD eMule.

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