Tuesday, December 25, 2007

AMD Overdrive 2.0.14 Beta

AOD in general provides users the ability to maximize the capability, flexibility, and adjustability of the AMD processor and chipset products; it allows user to tune parameters to ensure system stability, optimize performance, and control cooling/acoustic characteristics. The target of AOD is to provide an all-in-one utility which can deliver all-around stellar operation.
AMD Overdrive 2.0.14 Beta which now has signed drivers for Vista 64 users. The Turbo button has been enabled to Enable or disable the Bios TLB fix for Phenoms.

By using the 'turbo' button one can disable the TLB BIOS patch when using the yellow or red 'turbo' settings. By pressing the turbo button the ring around the button will change color as seen in the picture above. We asked AMD what the different settings on the turbo button do and we were informed the following.

Green = safe
Yellow = faster
Red = fastest
It doesn't adjust any clock speeds.

AODSetup_v2.0.14Beta.msi - DDL

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