Monday, December 10, 2007

eMule v0.48a EastShare v13.4 by Pretender

EastShare Mod Team: AndCycle, linekin, Pretender, TAHO, and special thanks to so8so.

      --= EastShare v13.4 Release =--2007/12/06 EastShare v13.4 released 

Core updated to eMule v0.48a MorphXT 10.5, synchronized with Morph about upload mechanism.

[EastShare v13.4] MorphXT 10.5 (eMule 0.48a) to amend the basis for a significant increase in the emule control functions, the new automatic capture most AndCycle most stalls (FollowTheMajority), the equitable distribution of uploading files (FairPlay), and other functions, while IRC interface also substantially revised.

Changelog for eMule v0.48a EastShare v13.4 [12/06/2007]
based on [MorphXT 10.5]

MERGED : Code Merged to MorphXT 10.5 (eMule 0.48a) [Pretender]
CHANGED : Check already downloaded files updated (Xtreme Mod) [Pretender]

Download Site:

eMule v0.48a [EastShare v13.4] download:
>> binary (executable): - Mirror eMule0.48a-EastShare_v13.4-bin.rar (2.68 MB)
>> source (required to be compiled): eMule0.48a-EastShare_v13.4-src.rar

HTTP 下載 >>
eD2k 執行檔 >> eMule0.48a-EastShare_v13.4-bin.rar
eD2k 原始碼 >> eMule0.48a-EastShare_v13.4-src.rar

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