Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yahoo! Messenger Beta

Yahoo! Messenger Beta Ads freewith Ads remover - Ads free!

Whats New in Yahoo! Messenger 9 Beta:
- Your friends come first. Enjoy a fun new look, with more room for friends' images, info, updates.
- Express your true self. Add your personality with new Emoticons, plus new skins.
- Share your passions. Use Flickr to swap photos (and always keep all your friends in the picture).


Yahoo Messenger Wise Installer: Glbe.tmp call home to:
and to:
URL from

autoupdater takes a IPAddrLookup see in ISO 3166 Number codes:
reading the IP from right to left in parts to dot

suggest to block stats and ads via firewall by adding in adblocker or other filter the url:

The file npYState.dll (IE and Firefox Plugin) under yahoo messengers \common dir can be deleted if you dont like to run this plugin when the webbrowser is started!!!


Multilanguage (works for all Languages of Yahoo! Messenger 9 Beta)

Ads Patcher Remover include 2 reg files to run (26.64 KB): Ads-Remover YIM

Patched YahooMessenger.exe
(patched - ads removed and upx compressed from 3,63 MB to 1,17 MB) - replace it with existent C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\YahooMessenger.exe

Yahoo's Messenger 9 Wise Installer EN-US extracted (10.19 MB): ymsgr9us installer extracted.rar

Yahoo! Messenger Beta Ads-Free English files compressed with UPX (replace into install folder shrink installation from ~>19MB to ~>6 MB)
Caution file clientmanager.dll can not upx or other wise compressed you get possible a virus alert by doing this. Messenger 9 ( 5.72 MB)

Webmaster Tip using Yahoo's redirect:
set in front of the url you want to go
for example:
or yahoo mail:
works for yahoo search url entries (results) and yahoo domains only!

Yahoo Symantec Antivirus / Firewall Scan (IE only)

YIM's English dirty words filter list: filter1.txt

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