Sunday, December 30, 2007

µTorrent 1.8 Build 7398 Alpha

µTorrent 1.8 alpha 7398
2007-12-30: µTorrent Version 1.8 alpha (build 7398)
- Change: better error when file exceeds filesystem size limit
- Fix: "" sometimes appearing in download limit in the transfer tab
- Fix: Logging options if "Log Traffic to Logger Tab" is chosen from the peers tab menu
- Fix: rare crash with hashfails
- Fix: season column showing episode for torrent items

--- 2007-12-24: µTorrent Version 1.8 alpha (build 7364)
- Feature: Users can now be more precise in the log options they want to display
- Change: When moving .torrent files to the completed torrent folder, uTorrent now will replace existing torrent files with the same name in the folder and create folders up to the completed folder if necessary (same behavior as when moving to the original torrent storage folder)
- Change: When enabling teredo at installation, hide the background netsh process window
- Fix: Speed graph dotted lines on Win9x
- Fix: Speed graph left legend alignment on Win9x
- Fix: Handling of relative paths when moving torrent file to completed folder
- Fix: persist current initial-seed piece in settings

µTorrent 1.8 alpha 7398


uncompressed: - Mirror
upx compressed: - Mirror
PeCompact 2.79 compressed:

If anyone experiencing crashes please run the uncompressed version.

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