Friday, December 21, 2007

eMule 0.48a SharkX v0.5f Beta

add : KAD Guard - extending KadBootStrap (taz)
fix : Sharing eMule with other computer users - (TimDzang)
fix : drop sources adapt to AutoHL (taz)
add : WiZaRd’s cleaner server remover from TK4 2.1d (BSB)
add : Don’t remove dead servers on 0 retries (taz) - CB’s idea
add : optimization for calling OnlineSig @CServerSocket::ProcessPacket by BSB


Client Analyzer (WiZaRd)
Anti Upload Protection (sFrQlXeRt)
Safe KAD (Netfinity)
Anti Fake-IP (WiZaRd)
Horde op-codes (Netfinity)
Fake Analyzer (Netfinity)
Optimized Multi CS (Official, Xtreme, MagicAngel, Lovelace, Pawcio, NeoArgos, ClientAnalyzer) (Stulle + taz)
extend credits (Xman)
better passive source finding (Xman)
Source Cache (Xman)
retry connection attempts (Xman)
power release (Xman)
Advanced download throttling (Netfinity)
delayed NNP (Netfinity)
Drop stalled downloads (Netfinity)
Fix connection collision (SiRoB)
Emulate others (Spike2)
Global HL (Stulle)
drop system (Stulle)
"embedded" (always on) SUQWT
addon-directory (EMF)
ed2k & IPfilter updates (EMF)
Intelliflush (WiZaRd)
DBR (Netfinity)
Anti fragmenting (Netfinity)
CPU and RAM info added to transferwindow
added a separate preferences file (SharkX)
new mod version system (WiZaRd)
Easy Mod Version (WiZaRd)
Winsock2-support - (eWombat)
Aux-Ports-support - (lugdunummaster)
Smart Low ID check - (Maella)
SLS - (enkeyDEV+WiZaRd)
ICS - (enkeyDEV+WiZaRd)
Publish small incomplete files (Spike2+WiZaRd)
tabbed prefs - (TPT)
Show Queue Difference - (itsonlyme)
IP2Country - (Eastshare/iONiX)
minRQR - (WiZaRd)
Clip Stat support (WiZaRd/Spike2/shdow2004/JvA)
Don’t send empty dirs - (WiZaRd)
Infinite Queue - (SLUGFILLER)
ModIcon - (BlueSonicBoy)
Startup Sound (Commander)
static ip filter (Stulle)
dir vista officla fix (godlaugh2007)
taz dynamic ratio :
ratio enforcement - auto off (Stulle idea)
session ratio for uploaders - auto on (taz)

emule0.48a-SharkX-v0.5f-BETA-BIN - Mirror
emule0.48a-SharkX-v0.5f-BETA-SRC - Mirror

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