Saturday, December 29, 2007

VeryCD eMule 0.48a easyMule 1.0.0 Build 071229 beta

VeryCD eMule 0.48a easyMule 1.0.0 Build 071229 beta [29. December 2007]

VeryCD easyMule, a VeryCD emule. On the basis of the development of a new product has the following characteristics:

1. New interface, more intuitive to use simpler
2. Penetration in the network, download speeds improved significantly
3. Look under the edge, exciting content online players
4. Disk buffer, the maximum protection drive
5. Dance download, multi-protocol interoperability comprehensive
6. Quick Search, a key Direct search results
7. Arbitrary download directory arbitrary designation
8. Continued sharing

VeryCD EDonkey(easyMule) 1.0.0 071229beta:
+ Increase support MetaLinker download links(
+ MetaLink mixed download speed up multi-protocol
+ Download increase security configuration options, users can customize document antivirus
+ Optimization HTTP / FTP site link several control
*fixed bug: FTP site to download some failure in the acquisition did not file size directory switch
*fixed bug: After the failure of the options set
*fixed bug: Downloaded from the same source TCP LAN Direct Connect failure
*fixed bug: Some memory leaks and procedures collapse


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