Sunday, December 9, 2007

eMule 0.48a DaZZle Mod by xpMule Updated by NoXZ

eMule Version 0.48a ~ DaZZle Mod
eMule Version 0.48a ~ DaZZle Mod
eMule ~ DaZZle Mod 'by xpMule'

Ver 0.48a Updated by NoXZ

Ver 0.47a (By xpMule) v1.03
- compiled with Netfinity's (Pre XP/SP2) DLL Fix for VS-2003.
- Changed dazzle options tab dialog to mention warning about high cpu / memory usage.
- moved some dazzle code into emule files and removed the now un-needed source files.
- increased "knownClientsMap HashTable" to larger prime number.
- added data type code on many functions to prevent compiler warnings.
- MorphXT 8.5 eMule Visual Studio project files were used as a template for builds. (athlon/p4, beta etc)
- Visual Studio project files have been cleaned of any invalid information.
- 3 Builds have been compiled and tested with out any errors or warnings, Beta, Debug and Release.

Ver 0.47a (By xpMule) v1.02
- added new inverse creditsystem tweak posted by Dazzle.
- compiled with Netfinity's (Pre XP/SP2) DLL Fix for VS-2003.

Ver 0.47a (By xpMule) v1.01
- "Large Files" support fix on one function.
- Added version/name Strings in few dialogs
- minor code changes/improvements

Ver 0.47a (By xpMule) [Test Client]
- Updated core to 0.47a (ported dazzle code to stock 0.47a base files)
- Integrated "Large Files" support into DaZZLE functions/code.
- Minor visual improvement to DaZZle Dialog in options tab ?
- Re-Added speech engine.

Ver 0.47a Official Released
- Dazzle decides to take a break on the mod for a while.
eMule 0.48a DaZZle Mod

BIN (Binary) 1.65 MB
DDL: Mirror1 | Mirror2 | FileshareHosts: DaZZle.Mod.v0.48a.BIN.rar - Mirror

SRC (Source)
DDL: Mirror1 | Mirror2 |
FileShareHosts: DaZZle.Mod.v0.48a.BIN.src

BIN+SRC (7.91 MB):

Many Thanks for this great Mod News submission!

Extras: eMule Updater - eMule IP Filter + ip-to-country + fakes.dat + antiLeech.dll updater

older Versions:

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