Saturday, December 8, 2007

Systweak AntiSpyware v1.0.594.902

Systweak AntiSpyware v1.0.594.902Systweak AntiSpyware has a vast database of spyware infections. It can protect your computer from Malware, Trojans, Sniffers, Adware, BHOs, Exploits, Key Loggers, Worms, Monitoring Programs and similar threats. The infection could be low-risk, annoying pop-up adverts. Or your computer could have a high-risk infection that steals your confidential data or secretly reformats your entire system.

Systweak AntiSpyware delivers all-round protection that can remove all the infections downloaded to your system. It will even protect you at run-time with the built-in Protection Guards.

Latest Definitions
With years of research and a dedicated team of professionals, we have all the key spyware infections in our database, to protect your computer from all types of infections.
Unlike other programs that incorrectly identify important files and registry entries as malware, Systweak AntiSpyware uses the latest technology to ensure that we only delete the bad guys' files.

Optimum Results
Systweak AntiSpyware is an all-in-one solution. The bad guys can infect your system, hurt system performance, steal confidential data, spy on your system, record your chat conversations and browsing habits, remotely control your computer, and run self-replicating, fast-spreading programs that attack security holes in your computer network. Systweak AntiSpyware protects you from all of these, without using much of your systems resources.



customized block lists.
change filenames without breaking links, deactivate URLs with one click, and create URLs with expiration dates.... Quickly find which sites are generating ... and which are just generating traffic.

...but we mirrors mirror it
Mirror: antispyware.exe - Serial
run in trial mode, disable subscription and download the database update manual see below!

Retail: Systweak.AntiSpyware.v.1.0.564.632

My Result after I have scanned with latest NOD, Kaspersky and Bitdefender as well with some Anti Malware and Anti Spyware applications such as the latest from:
XoftSpySE (include last updates)
Microsoft OneCare 2 (incl. latest updates)
Prevx CSI Malware Scanner v1.2.101.108
Agnitum Outpost Anti-Spyware

21 more Spyware signatures found!!!

- CyberAlert in Regdoctor\setacl.exe (CyberAlert before found in Registry with other tools)
- Adware.Emusic.a in Windows Registry key: hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\internet explorer\toolbar\{1e796980-9cc5-11d1-a83f-00c04fc99d61} (I never install any kinds of toolbars)
- iNetWatcher in wincap\wincap_3_0.exe
- Adware.Agent.o in Windows Registry: hkey_classes_root\simpleext.simpleshlext.1\clsid\ and
hkey_classes_root\simpleext.simpleshlext\clsid\ and
hkey_classes_root\simpleext.simpleshlext\curver\ and in roots of all subkeys by
hkey_classes_root\simpleext.simpleshlext - hkey_classes_root\simpleext.simpleshlext.1
- Tojan-Proxy.Cimuz.av in Windows Registry: hkey_classes_root\interface\{5e2121ed-300-11d4-8d3b-444553540000} - 11 entries in all sub entries of this key
- Trojan-Backdoor.VB.bax in tuneup utilities 2007\tu2007keygen.exe

looks like this:

outdated follow instruction at the end!
Download manually:
open with notepad (it's not a zip file! or rename the extension .zip to .txt)

;***DO NOT ZIP***
;;;this is a plain text file
PROGRAM_VERSION = 1.0.594.902

TO update on computer without internet connections / manual database update

copy when the program is closed to program folder to update the database!!!, by next program start will be installed and renamed to database.bak

As of December, 10, 2007 Database Version 65 from November, 30 is out of date!

Pirated Licenses will be logged include IP numbers on them server. You been warned!

Internet makes it possible if you paid anything and want service such as regular updates , you have to agree that your private information will be send and logged to the manufacture back . Up to every 2nd program have functions like this present for anonymous trial user and registered customers while registered have records of your address, a profile can be easy done. A active and passive (NAT) Firewall is recommended for in and outgoing traffic!!!

NEWS 11.12.2007 Updates

Here the Weekly Database update url:
Download, close program (AntiSpyware.exe) and copy to Program folder, start AntiSpyware.exe!!!

December 08, 2007

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