Saturday, December 29, 2007

eMule v0.48a [-XdP- beta3 v1.3] without Authentication System by SEBA14

emule 0.48a XDP 1.3

- Authentication is hacked in version 1.3

read more: eMule 0.48a XDP 1.3 beta 3 0WN3D

older Version Changelog:
XDP v1.2 - 15/10/2007

add switch for UploadColors On/Off
add more Code Fix Connection Collision (from X-Ray v1.2)
add Aich Security (Wizard)
add Kad Interface Improvement (Xanatos/NeoMule)
add SLS + manual SLS (enkeyDev)
add Recognize MLdonkey-XS Answer (Spike2)
add SpreadReask (SlugFiller)
add PartCompletionSpeedUp (from Spike2)
add many Fixes/Improvements (Spike2-/X-Ray MoD)
add Don’t send empty Dir’s (WiZard)
add CheckDiskspaceFix (SlugFiller)
add Optimization DownloadQueue (WiZ/EMF)
add PeerCache-BugFix (Xman)
add No UpMana for Friends
add ModOptions to XdP-Stats
add No Up to LowID-Clients switchable
add mark LowID’S switchable
add XdP-MoDLoG
add more Code SaveCpu (WiZ)
updated SourceCache to Spike2 Codebase + Addon
updated BetterClientAttaching (NeoMule beta)
updated OwnCredits (X-Ray v1.2)
updated Emulate Others
updated DynamicBlockRequests (X-Ray v1.2)
updated ECR
updated AntiLeecher
fixed a bug in CorrectAppIcons
fixed Stattree (Bug retry failed connection atempts)
fixed a little bug in EmulateOther
fixed Button to save Mod-Prefs from Tree
removed old SLS from Xtreme
removed old UPNP switch under Connection Prefs
changed Deltimer in ClientReqSocket
changed all XdP-ModLoglines
changed Upmanagement to work better with Fakerank
re-arangement of XdP-Options in Tree
changed/add/removed other little things…

::: BASED ON DaZZle Share Levels :::

Download (1.65 MB): emule 0.48a - XdP_v1.3_beta3_0WN3D.7z - Mirror
Direct Download Mirrors: Europe / Russia / Asia / USA
DDL1 - DDL2 - DDL3 - DDL4 - DDL5 - DDL6 - Mirrors

All Credits to Seba14

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