Sunday, December 16, 2007

Vista Start Menu v2.7 PRO

Vista Start Menu v2.7 PRO FullVista Start Menu is the convenient alternative to the plain Start menu you find in Windows XP and Windows Vista. The program uses your cognitive abilities (visual memory, reflexes,etc.); however, while it is easily understandable for beginners, it is also highly efficient for experienced users.

Go ahead and try replacing your Start menu right now! It is safe because Vista Start Menu does not change your system settings, thus making it easy to install, as well as simple to remove.

  • Improved interface
  • Each detail in Vista Start Menu is well thought-out and the program will allow you to accomplish all your tasks easy and comfortable.
  • Always ready
  • Vista Start Menu was designed specifically to make it possible for users to quickly access any information simply by using the keyboard or the mouse.
  • The PRO version
  • Enable the unique feature called "one-click launch" and customize your menu the way you like it by getting the PRO version for Christmas free.

Download (1.93 MB): VistaStartMenu_Setup_2_70_PRO_en-full.rar
older Build ( 2.06 MB): Vista.Start.Menu.v2.7.PRO-olderBuild.rar

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