Monday, December 31, 2007

Rapidshare Download Direct 1.5 (DLD)

Rapidshare Download Direct 1.5Rapidshare Download Direct 1.5 (DLD) Program for direct downloads from
You can download any file from RapidShare directly. Download files diectly from Rapidshare without waiting and passing image verification (captcha) procedure. Just Copy and paste link and that’s it. During download, you can pause and resume the file being downloaded, which is yet another great feature of the program. It's a Download manager for windows.

RapidShare issues are fixed in pre-release version 1.045. Issue was that DLD was downloading the redirection web page to the capacity of the file size of the actual file (eg. 875KB). Previously, DLD didn't detect if URL's are the actual file or redirection pages.

You cannot bypass RapidShare's waiting time for FREE users. When you choose the mirror after the waiting time, currently DLD does not pickup the download. We are improving download triggering in circumstances like this.

Program version: 1.045
Engine version: 1.5

Language: English
OS Platform: Windows

Download: Download Direct Full Version setup.exe

Installer + Patch to full Version: dldsetup.msi - DLD.exe - Mirror - Mirrors

Old Version: dldsetup.exe

The information taken from other sites that this is a RapidShare specific Downloader Tool / Manager are wrong! It's just one more Download Manager from x Free and Commercial once with limited options especial to send custom referrers. See FDM, ReGet, TuoTu http internal DL, IDM, FlashGet, Net Transport (with BT).....
Here just todos rip Splashscreen and delay, some limits in trial (see full vs. trial).
Maybe done to gain some RS points by given name extension 'Rapidshare' Download Direct.
Valued readers, am not gone kidding you with wrong descriptions or cheating to take this or that and hang the national Flag right/left over it! Viva .MY provide an excellent English but a poor knowledge. Download Windows 16 bit v1.0 from year 1986 (2 x 5,12" Floppy disks bootable) @9600 kb/s


Anonymous said...

4800 kbs was the modem speed before '88

siva said...

Download direct is Fake..always it shows archive damage..dont use this

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