Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thunder v5.7.5.421 - TuZiThunder - Ads Free Mod

Thunder v5.7.5.421 TuZiThunder - Ads FreeRabbit version modifications:
* All advertising to official procedures removed
* Interface cleaner, no dogs search
* Non any third-party software bundle
* Solve some of the wrong antivirus software

Update Message: super rabbit is doing more products, although it may be amended version only, but all is the beginning, we will be adding their own content, with no guarantee that all rogues, and provide convenience for Netizen is the rabbit's purpose.

Thunderbolt (2007.12.03) Update:
* List show that the latest mission to complete the task
* Support BT and eDonkey into the unfinished tasks
* BT mission support functions of the order Download
* Download optimized BT task in the process of reading and writing disk

Download Thunder v5.7.5.421 TuZiThunder:

English FAQ and Translation Language Pack:
Xunlei Translation Pack V2.0B edited by Linkinpark

I am using Xunlei Thunder English Translation

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