Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thunder v5.7.6.426 Perfect, Special Edition

Perfect, especially version:
* All advertising to official procedures removed
* Better and cool Interface, mean cool Interface - clean and ads free!
* Puppy search Thunder look at the election can be installed
* WEB Thunderbolt support, Wangjikuaiche, Tornado Download
* No plugin in the clean version!

Thunder (2007.12.27)
* Optimize data transfers of large files
* BT task file amended too much could lead to the interface locked -BUG
* Solved under certain circumstances can not drag Thunderbolt -BUG
* Task list bold display of the task
* Support BT and eDonkey into the unfinished tasks
* BT Download support task order
* BT task has been optimized in the process of downloading the disk read and write

PS:Quite big changes in this version, re-written VC DLL, Thunder5 called directly downloading files supporting. You are welcome to test.

Simon's modded Thunder 2007.12.27

required to access the file download set:
send referrer:
(refcontrol extension for firefox or in dl manager referrer specific)

FileShare Host Mirror:
Thunder5_WMZ.exe (7.07 MB) - Mirror

Latest traditional AYU's Thunder v5.7.6.426 Ads Free Modification is here

English Language Pack visit:
New edited Version B:
or Version A:
Show me some screenshot!!!
Check it out Here!

How to install the translation pack?
Refer Here

I am using Xunlei English Translation


Boomerang said...

TuZi version of Thunder (like TuZi Thunder Mod optimized version) please. AYU isn't really an ads free version!

Anonymous said...

thanks im going to search and post it.

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