Tuesday, December 11, 2007

BitSpirit v3.3.2.104 + LP

BitSpirit v3.3.2.104
BitSpirit exe v3.3.2.104 update from 23.11.2007

FIX: CPU freez, high cpu load, some minor bugfixes


BitSpirit Developer FAQ and BBS:

Download updated BitSpirit exe: (1.3 MB)

BitSpirit v3.3.2.100
- Report
- Noreport
Ads removed, crc corrected, upx'ed

BitSpirit v3.3.2.104
Ads removed, crc corrected, upx'ed

- Splashcreen RLE compressed bitmap for faster load
- All Languages added

Based on psgl Ads Free Mod:
BitSpirit v3.3.2.100 psgl perfect optimized version features profiles:

1. Perfect and complete removal of the original version of the installation software bundled advertising
2. Increase in the latest IP database (2007.12.5)
3. Perfect and complete removal of software built-in advertisement
4. Use personalized mini-icon column Download
5. Optimization bit of the set up wizard
6. Perfect site optimization left LJ advertising text links
7. Canceled keyword search filters seed market restrictions (for I do not have to speak)
8. Remove redundant language documents retaining only English, Simplified Chinese
9. Closed chat function, lower occupancy resources
Green-free installation pure direct use, no installation required! ! !
Production Optimization: psgl

psgl Homepage:

BBS: - - -

Download 5.43 MB:
BitSpirit v3.3.2.100-104-psgl.rar - Mirror1 - Mirror2 - Mirror3 - Mirror4

Download no upx packed 4.63 MB:
BitSpirit v3.3.2.100-psgl no upx.rar - Mirror1 - Mirror2 - Mirror3 - Mirror4

*Config - psgl
*Report, No Report mods old version .100 - Seba14

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