Saturday, December 8, 2007

Prevx CSI Malware Scanner v1.2.101.108 Free and Business License Free

Prevx CSI Free Malware Scanner v1.2.101.108Prevx CSI - FREE Malware Scanner - fast effective scanning and real-time checking against the most comprehensive malware database in the world. Prevx CSI is click-and-go and requires no installation or reboot, which makes it quick and easy to use. Its small size allows you to take it anywhere, use it as many times as you like and even copy or send it to your friends.

Prevx CSI allows you to benefit from the knowledge gained from the entire Prevx community.

- Totally Free
- Instantly scans for all forms of malware to let you know if you're infected
- No Install required
- Runs completely independently and as many times as you like!
- Always up-to-date - checks with the up-to-the-second Prevx community database for the very latest threats

Are you responsible for your company's security? Prevx CSI for Business can be used free of charge in low volume (up to 250 PCs) by business users and large enterprises, subject to a simple registration process. Prevx CSI for Business may also be configured to run in silent mode allowing companies to deploy it easily using a simple login script. Business users also
benefit from a web based console which provides a summary view of all PCs scanned by Prevx CSI with clear details of which ones are infected.


Register for Free (for Business user)

After Registration Login and Download / Take your License:
enter your registration email and password:

Business Edition include a 364 Day Free license:

PR Text:
With Prevx CSI you can easily check out hundreds of PCs in a day. The scanner is a simple click and go program. It does not need any installation or system reboot and it can be run silently from a simple login script.

Once you have verified your registration you are only a few clicks away from being able to run the scanner in your environment. The steps are very simple.

Simply visit the login page: enter your registered email and password.

Here you can do the following things:


The Prevx CSI scanner is just 650K bytes in size. Each scanner is customized to report into your own CSI web console. Up to 50 PCs may be scanned an unlimited number of times, and completely free of charge. If you wish to extend your CSI coverage for more than 50 PCs, or you wish to include cleanup ability, then this can be provided through our simple upgrade process. Note that Prevx CSI may also be used on servers too.


The web console provides you with a real time view of the scan results for all of your PCs. You can access it at any time. However, as this is a free service data is usually not retained for more than one month.


The Prevx CSI Web Console will automatically email you once a day if any infected PCs report in for the first time. The system will only generate an email to you if there are newly infected systems that you have not already been informed about. The email will show the Report Group and PC host names of those systems affected. You can logon to the web console to review the PC results in more detail when it is convenient.


Prevx CSI operates a centralized malware research facility. The results of each scan performed by Prevx CSI are uploaded in real time to this database. We use this data to assist in our malware research which in turn improves the detection rate of our products. We already see many new infections days or even weeks ahead of our competitors and as our database grows we will see more malware and see it even earlier. The information we collect is limited to Hashes of files (signatures), path and file names, execution registry keys, the system's host name and the first 3 octets of the IP address of the system being scanned.


PC Security is now about managing scale. The growth of malicious software and the advanced technologies being used by the Cyber criminals is staggering. We have spent the last 3 years developing and preparing a range of products and technologies that can cope with the volumes and increasing sophistication of malicious software. Prevx CSI will help us leverage and showcase our technology. We believe that Prevx CSI will boost our information and intelligence about malicious software while allowing businesses and consumers to understand our technology and the advantages it offers. We also firmly believe that Prevx CSI will raise questions about the ability of many other security technologies to cope in this climate.

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