Tuesday, December 11, 2007

BitSpirit v3.3.2.104 NO ADS - Ads Free Multilanguage

BitSpirit v3.3.2.104 NO ADS
BitSpirit is an Adware sponsored Freeware BitTorrent Client. Full compatible with BitTorrent and BitComet (also Adware/Freeware sponsored). BitSpirit support DHT Network Kademlia based line. BitSpirit can emulate custom or pre definated Client Agent strings for example Azureus / BitTorrent but not limited per torrent to set a custom UA string to tracker and peers. The Interface is very clean and organized with many features. The config user.ini file show many more features in overview what can be set such as transparency tips etc...
BitSpirit v3.3.2.104 ADS FreeSend no stop command (no complete) are already standard in BitSpirit settings. Set per torrent specific client ID to tracker/peers - User Agent Client ID (known by Azureus mods as client spoof) is from the GUI accessible. For advanced Torrent user its a great client overall. Beginners may use a more simple client with reduced settings / options. The Design styles can be customized or you can create own themes. Use it wisely!
- All ads removed
- Latest IPFilter.dat added /config
- Call home removed
- Torrent Builder exe ASP Pack protection gone - unprotect/unpacked (in upx version pe compact compressed)
- Splash BMP optimized using RLE compression
- Help and invalid, outdated url's corrected
- Banner removed
repacked as non installer version / portable
- upx Version (a strong exe packer open source) - Small Filesize, compact
- no upx Version - Bigger filesize
- crc corrected

Main exe based on BitSpirit Developers latest Bugfix release.


upx optimized 7.70 MB: BitSpirit v3.3.2.104-psgl-NO-Ads-upx.rar - Mirror1 - Mirror2 - Mirror3
unpacked 6.93 MB: BitSpirit v3.3.2.104-psgl-NO-Ads.rar Mirror1 - Mirror2 - Mirror3

The Language files are outdated (Chinese simplified and English are up to date). Translators can edit the Language files to them own Language.

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