Sunday, July 1, 2007

µTorrent 1.7 Release Candidate 2 Mod Pack x100

Sarmin Mod Pack µTorrent 1.7 rc2

The uTorrent mods are based on µTorrent 1.7 Release Candidate 2

Containing Client Mods:
include µTorrent 1.7 RC2 x100 Leecher and µTorrent 1.7 RC2 x100 Seeder Mod
  • 10x Leecher
  • 100x Leecher
  • 10x Seeder
  • 100x Seeder
  • Report
  • NO Report
File nfo:
.msi Installer size: 2,92 MB
Filesize of each mod: 617 KB

Authors Homepage and Download site:
Always use official package from this site for security reason!

Do NOT upload this on other sites!

krr... sure it can be packed protected very well in size of >253 KB. There might be just a small limit if some kind of protectors create it in a size higher as it's own unpacked size but who want to use uTorrent if it's near 1 MB big. It will be not more micro utorrent but maybe minitorrent :)
sample of a clean protected packed mod: utorrent-1.7-rc2-x10-leecher.exe
some ppl's might not know the meaning of µ


Anonymous said...

eXe Packer / Protector using with utorrent code base may cause application initialization errors on win32 OS.

Can't start it, get: Application Error

Anonymous said...

Also does not work for me.
Application initialatiation error message and windows dr. watson come up and create a dump of the progress

Anonymous said...

Finaly got it. Make generate a new {trunk} overlay.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean? How can do to that it run???

Anonymous said...

use ur crash dump form Windows crash report Dr. Whatson, only the exe capture, create new exe from 'scratch' see original utorrent.exe, rebuild imports etc......

Anonymous said...

The good thing is broken wtf

Anonymous said...

Hope he upload a working pack.
To recover this broken one is to much todo for me.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it easier to copy just from a crash dump the changed code from utorrent in it's original with a hexedit? However I pass too and stick with the last woring 1.7 beta x100 if need it for ratio. Until a new working version come out

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work 00000005 error

Anonymous said...

Are in these mods all some kinds of a second client such as a modded sub7 or other trojans using bittorent p2p as remote contact added, if the files are bigger as the normal utorrent.exe???
I figure out that exe cryter are able to do so, that no antivirus or antitrojan ever can recognize the signature of a trojan done into it. a small research on the net bring me to the result that a powerfull trojan client can be in a size of 35 kb+ (cryped will be much bigger)

Anonymous said...

1. it won't load in memory as long app error
2. if solved the app init error a "picture" can be made
3. only then you can check, as in all mods ever done before, if there are suspected things inside.
4. if positive specific forums will be closed as it contains trojan horse (possible for any form of anti-p2p)



Greetings to Kiev

WebZA said...

A few words. All mods on this site can be unpacked using the right tools to prove there are not any trojans or others in it whom possible send informations to any companies. If Forums attachments contains these bad things, please deal with them.

Anonymous said...

Send in file to analyse:
AntiVirus - Result

eSafe v7.0.15.0 - Suspicious Trojan/Worm

Panda v9.0.0.4 - Suspicious file

Sunbelt v2.2.907.0 - VIPRE.Suspicious

Webwasher-Gateway v6.0.1 - Win32.Malware.gen (suspicious)

If one or two scanner only will found signatures but four?

Anonymous said...

useless don't work Sarmin Mod Pack (rc2) error 0xc0000005
Have sign up by forums and downloaded but it's all the same.

Anonymous said...

Dieses Business ist Binär: Du bist eine Eins oder eine Null, lebendig oder tot.

Anonymous said...

What a fuck it doesn't work!!! Shit shit shit...

Anonymous said...

I think the moders site is a joke, anyone have created that site but not the modder cause only a kid will write "Welcome to Sarmin Hacks and Mods. This site is the home of Sarmin's famous mods and the site belongs to Sarmin. Sarmin is a great Developer and Modder. All Sarmins mods will be released on this site so stay tuned. Also visit the home of uTraitor which is the best uTorrent mod package available."

Self advertisment I never seen that this can be seriouse the modders officila homepage. He will not write this funny kind of Intro on his site.

On the site footer continue with these words:
"The site and everything on this site is copyright protected. If you do anything against the things stated below is a crime."

If this is the real homepage it's done from a child no older as 12 - 14 years.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's for laughing a lot.
- uComet is sebas Bitcomet LP done with a unliked msi installer creator.
- uReus is Sebas hacked shu mod done with a bad install creator.
- uTraitor is a collection of some clients from sebas leecher packs donw with a silent installer + Greedy Torrent add to it.

they all got a name as a own product but it's still nothing new as original clients just modded.

What a Fake, WTF

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