Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vagaa vod V2.6.5.1 build 0723 MultiNetwork eMule + BitTorrent

Vagaa is now available with massively improved performance, including improvements to Vagaa and BitTorrent.
Please update vagaa in time.

VaGaa wow Ga, committed to the Internet, such as construction and operation help the public to enjoy broadband Internet from the convenience and expediency. Both movies, music, games or animated cartoon, television programs, as long as download and install Vagaa wow Ga. your computer will be connected into the global interactive entertainment centers.

Its main features are as follows:

Populat Vagaa Community ressources:
The latest films. All the most popular animated cartoon, games and the most popular music.
Absolutely live television programs.

Searchable global multilingual resources

Immediately on demand, online viewing:
Support films, animated cartoon preview and watch
Could help identify documents/files authenticity

Multi-protocol search engine; Search more resources
Unlimited parallel search request

Download support:
eMule, BT (BitTorrent) Networks
Network optimization within the download, suitable for office and home users

Vagaa update log

Download sites: Vaaga - xdowns -

Installer Version: vagaa_vod_2.6.5.1.exe (2.4 MB) - DDL1 - DDL2 - Fileshare Host mirrors
Non Installer Version (1,26 MB): DDL1 - DDL2 - DDL3 - Fileshare Host mirrors


The GUI is Chinese but editing with Reshacker tool should be possible to patch it to English.
The engline is very fast!
See instructions from TuoTu 3.0.100:
How to translate the program GUI (vagaa.exe):
1. Download ResHacker (English) - (German) and open the program exe with it.
2. In Reshacker tool, translate (using Google Online Translator or others) the Chinese words to English. Replace the Chinese Words in all Dialog and Menu Entries in the sub trees and click compile. The most words are more than once present.

How to use Reshacker for translation see:
Click on the picture to see fullscreen!

Older Version:
Vagaa Version Build 2007-07-13

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