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TuoTu 3.0.103 (2007.7.10) English / Chinese

Download TuoTu 3.0.103 (2007.7.10)

TuoTu (in English Rabbit) is a 3 in one Download / Filesharing Program.
It contains:
- eMule 0.47c (Donkey) ( Unicode, © 2002-2006 Merkur gem. GNU, GPL)
- BT (BitTorrent)
- HTTP/FTP/MMS/RTSP Downloader with ReGet engine (Great thanks to Vladimir Romanov, Author of ReGet Pro)

TuoTu is programed with Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 7.

TuoTo have the following Features:
- protocol encryption
- File/Movie Snapshot preview and query snapshot to prevent fake downloads and see the quality before downloading completly any movies and other files.
- Port Forwarding and Network detection (Auto search for Router config, Internet Gateway Device, UPnP)
- The User Interface can be switched from Chinese to English, click on TuoTu (Rabbit) Menu Icon to change the Language (since TuoTu 3.0.102 (2007.7.2) Chinese and English Version)
- Include TCP/IP limitation Patch for Windows XP and Vista
- Every Virus Scanner can be integrated
- Proxy Support
- Filter out Ads and possible Virus when add new task by movies (e.g. rmvb - real media video movies)
- Remove RMVB's Ads
- WebSite ressource spider, find files in websites online folders (not fully translated yet)
- Hybird Source Details etc.. shows the speed Grapfh
- Batch Download
...and many more

TuoTo is Freeware and is based on years of development, it's in the 3th generation (Version 3.x).
It does not contain any spyware.
A General Setup suggestion, disable all option on the setup screen but let only the first.

.103 version ChangeLog 2007-7-10
* interface to improve the compatibility of certain firewall (such as drug tyrants Jinshan, might be activated tab)
* interface that may allow certain games to press on the keyboard mouse after a slow response (a boss Key Function bug)
* certain web interface that IE right-rabbit downloaded from the mistakes srcEvent.clientX
* interface issues details of the mandate to streamline the default mode, double-click for a detailed model adjusted
* interface screenshots shown in the layout, the time is not displayed that map interface
* English Lane, donkey -- Download addresses drag'n drop
* bug window interface that re-examine the integrity, or re-download will switch -- Donkey window to the bug
* BT files that list checked files, makes the seeds other files smaller percentage of the bug
* BT that the new tick asked whether files (documents) began Failure contains a bug that side
* BT viewed under the former can only support 10 of the file document bug
* BT produced species - Rom may be the bug tracker
* BT only within that network interconnection may be unable to download 99% End bug (individual seed)

Discussion Forum and News announcments: BBS TuoTu Releases and FaQ
Optimized without installer:
WinRAR Self Extracting File (exe and dll's compressed with UPX /max /lzma = result TuoTu do not need more as 2,43 MB to run)
Download: TuoTu 3.0.103.exe (2.47 MB) | Mirror | Mirror

Older Version:
TuoTu 3.0.102 (2007.7.2) Chinese and English Version TuoTu_3.0.102.exe

Technical Info:
TuoTu.exe have the following Web URL's in the code: -> = Start/Search Page -> = Online Help -> = New Version Download site -> = Homepage -> = Online Update Site (for Final Versions) Winrar 3.70 Beta -> should be url to the final:

some can be possible customized such as the default search/start page.

Here a sample of a customized TuoTu.exe + a little bit spell corrected English language.dll

Start Site = Mininova* daily Movie news site (Movies Button on Top is the Startpage)
Search site = (latest search querie files on top sorted), which cover up to all public Torrent site Tracker search results.
(for English users suggested!)
replace the TuoTu.exe with this one:
Tuotu.exe (1.5 MB) - Mirror | uncompressed - Mirror
The file is UPX compressed /9 /lzma

* have small serverproblems temporary, so we can't test it now but soon.

A little bit spell corrected english Language DLL file:
lang_dll.dll (18.5 KB) - Mirror | Uncompressed (rename file extension to .dll)
reaplace it with the existend file!


TuoTu 3.0.103 customized for international user as a simple WinRAR SFX (Self extracting exe) complete: TuoTu 3.0.103 en.exe (2.47 MB) - Mirror1 - Mirror2

TuoTu 3.0.103 with Google Advanced Search as Default Start Page (can be used like a browser)
Movies Button on Top is the Startpage
place the exe file TuotuG.exe to TuoTo install folder (you may rename it to Tuotu.exe)
TuotuG.exe (4.75 MB) - Mirror1 - Mirror2

TuoTu Google Edition complete:
TuoTu 3.0.103 Google Edition.exe | Mirror | Mirror


English Latest Language File always the last! (ordered by date)

Updated English Language File 15. July 2007 at 20:50 GMT+7h
(Replace with the existent older lang_dll.dll in Tuotu Program folder)

- spell corrections
- some words/sentences shorted to match in the dialog field sizes
- Preferences Menu was the main focus for this update and some phrase e.g. "Suspend Window" corrected to "Speed Bar", "Hybrid Source Details" which should be "Transfer Graph Detail", etc...

lang_dll.dll (60 KB) - Mirror - Mirror

NEW !!!

Updated English Language File
17. July 2007 at 22:00 GMT+7h
(Replace with the existent older lang_dll.dll in Tuotu Program folder)

- place holder space after ',' sign and after '(' and ')' corrected Example: test(test) should be-> test (test)
- some words/sentences shorted corrected to match in the Dialogues
- File Menu Main Window was the main focus for this update

land_dll.dll - Mirror - Mirror
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This is genius!!! Many thanks for is.
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Show suspend window = Show Speed Bar

Highbird Source Details = Transfer Graph

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