Monday, July 16, 2007

LimeWire Pro 4.12.15 Final & LimeWire Pro 4.13.12 Beta


4.13.11 (07.11.2007)
- Fixed uploads to cancel if they are inactive for too long.
- Fixed checking 'Accept' encoding values during HTTP transfers.
- Fixed some errors where an upload was improperly cancelled due to read
timeouts, when no read was being attempted. Extra special thanks to 'RickH'
for his help tracking this down.
- Fixed a very rare error where uploads could stall if no other network
activity was occuring.
- Fixed an error if connections were asked for their ip/port prior to starting
a connect attempt.
- Bittorrent downloads can now be previewed if the torrent is for a single file.
- Browse Host requests now send the correct 'Host' header.
- Fixed a bug where a newly-unshared folder could be re-shared on next startup
if that folder had previously been explicitly shared and a parent of that
folder was also shared.
- Added much more informative dialogs for sharing new folders, allowing the user
to easily see and choose which subfolders are shared.
- Completely disallowed sharing any folder that is a root.
- Removed support for an older update mechanism.
- Enabled outgoing TLS by default and added an option to disable TLS if required.
- Added the ability to change the banners for upgrading to PRO.
- Added the ability to change the 'Official LimeWire Results' message.
- Fixed an error related to clicking 'Find More Sources' for a file whose
keywords were all longer than 30 characters.
- Added the ability to limit update notifications to specific versions of an OS.
- Added a fallback update request via HTTP if no new network update messages
arrive in a certain period of time.
- Updated the About window.
- Added the ability to select multiple files and/or folders when choosing to
share new files/folders from the library.
- Re-arranged the Program Files/LimeWire folder on Windows, to reduce errors
associated with upgrading.
- Recognize when loading the tray icon fails, and allow LimeWire to properly
- Improve the speed with which icons in the library are displayed on non-Windows
- Fixed searching through the Options to remove characters like ",[];:.
- Added many, many, many new translations.

4.13.10 (06.29.2007)
- Fixed some errors associated with the new large file support.
- Fixed some display errors with the new notification windows.
- Removed the 'Scan For Files' part of the setup wizard.

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LimeWirePRO.4.13.12.BETA.rar | more Mirrors
LimeWireWinPRO.v4.12.15.rar | more Mirrors

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