Monday, July 30, 2007

BitTorrent 6 Beta is the same as µTorrent 1.7

BitTorrent 6 Beta Build 3495 is the same as µTorrent 1.7.2 Build 3458 Stable

µTorrent 1.7.2 Build 3458 Stable vs. BitTorrent 6 Beta Build 3495

By comparing the source of BitTorrent for Windows latest Beta 6 with µTorrent 1.7 latest stable, we come to the result that this two clients are the same. They are very similar. The following points are just the differences:

BiTorrent v6 Beta:
- Icons (incl. Vista Icon)
- Discover loacl peers "Multicast"
- integrated weblinks (Torrent Search engines)
- Homepage
- some Dialogs incl. "About" screen Message
- User Agent ID: bittorrent600B
- comes with a Setup Pack

New is in BitTorrent Version 6 a second application called DNA.exe a local Proxy (Delivery Network Accelerator).

The dna.exe keeps running even if you close BitTorrent, Task manager can kill the process manually (dna.exe use about ~7 to 14 MB RAM resources)
BitTorrent works without dna.exe fine. dna.exe is located in subfolder \Program Files\BitTorrent_DNA\dna.exe. Try to rename, delete or move this file.

The control Panel

µTorrent 1.7.2 is eXe compressed with UPX v.3.00 by default.
BitTorrent 6 Beta Build 3495 for Windows is with PECompact v.2.79 eXe compressed.

BitTorrent 6 Beta Build 3495 seems to be newer and a bit faster as the older µTorrent 1.7.2 Build 3458 and works on more trackers cause uT 1.7.x Builds are almost blocked.
Get BitTorrent 6 Setup Version from 28.July, 1.16 MB | Setup Version from 25.July Bittorrent-6.0-Beta.exe, 1.14 MB

BitTorrent 6 Build 3495 Beta vs µTorrent 1.7.2 Build 3458 Stable

How to use your uTorrent Settings and import Downloads etc. from utorrent?

Copy from %Application Data\uTorrent folder the files:
to Folder: %Application Data\BitTorrent DNA\

How to use IPFilter.dat, flags, skins ( etc.. Icons Toolbar graphic from utorrent?

Copy from %Application Data\uTorrent folder the files:

to Folder: %Application Data\BitTorrent\

Language files:
Rename and copy your language file to Folder: c:\Program Files\BitTorrent\

Open the Language Pack from uTorrent ( filename: utorrent.lng as a zip file (with winrar, 7zip or any zip archiver program) and extract the folder content. Rename your language .txt file, French for example: French!fr.txt to bittorrent.exe.lang.txt and copy to BitTorrent Program Folder (C:\Program Files\BitTorrent\)


Download Extras:
BitTorrent 6 Extras.rar (2,81 MB) - Mirrors1 - Mirrors2 - Mirrors3 - DDL

Latest (23 - 26. July. 2007) flags.conf, icons (from uTorrent), latest ipfilter.dat from ozzy
copy to: \Application Data\BitTorrent

"You'll also notice 6.0 Beta comes with BitTorrent DNA, which stands for Delivery Network Accelerator. For more info, please visit The new BitTorrent 6.0 Beta brings together BitTorrent's proven expertise in networking protocols with µTorrent's efficient implementation and compelling UI to create a better BitTorrent client. As we continue to develop this new client, we'll be focused on innovative ways to simplify and improve the BitTorrent user experience. For questions about the Beta client, please visit Support Forum BitTorrent v6.
Sorry, source code for BitTorrent 6.0, like the source code for uTorrent, will not be released. However, versions 5 and earlier were of course released under open source licenses, and remain available for you to modify and redistribute..."

Category (HELP Answer ID...BitTorrent Client 6.x--Source code):
BitTorrent Software Client
Using the 6.x (uTorrent) client Guide
BitTorrent DNA is distributed by your favorite websites and software
companies to speed up your downloads by connecting to multiple
sources of the same file. During and after each download, your
computer helps distribute what you download. By giving and
receiving in this way, your favorite websites operate more
efficiently and provide a better and faster experience for everyone.
BitTorrent respects your privacy and only accelerates content that
you want. It does not use your computer for unwanted data and does
not negatively affect other applications that use your Internet
connection. BitTorrent DNA contains no spyware or adware.

BitTorrent v6 Beta standalone

- Ripped dna folder (dna.exe, DNAcpl.cpl), all dependent reg entries. uT have it's own install.
only BitTorrent v6 as standalone [UPX] (only the needed)
+ Mozilla Firefox / Bon Echo Plugin
+ Help File (English)
+ sample Language File (German) - can be removed later under: Program Files\BitTorrent\bittorrent.exe.lang.txt

Download: BitTorrent v6 standalon.exe (684.94 KB) - DDL1 - DDL2 - Mirror - Mirrors1 - Mirrors2 - Mirrors3


Anonymous said...

Good thing so we can change to the newer Bittorrent v6 beta

Anonymous said...

Azureus Vuze destroys this crap. BitTorrent and this new bittorrent (micro u-torrent) is simply not as good, and the world no longer needs Bram Cohen or th Bittorrent company. Thanks for the protocol, Bram, you are no longer needed , ta ta.

Anonymous said...

Sucks balls just like it's sellout creator. However I would like to simultaneously congratulate both him and uTorrent creator (our newest sellout) for putting in all that work knowing FULLWELL that the outcome might be to blackmail the demon corporations themselves! (RIAA/MPAA). For that i commend you and would have FULLY done the same thing in your unfathomably lucky positions. Never having to work again for doing literally nothing but programming some bs software that allows people to pirate shìtallectual property? god d*** that was pure genius.

As far as from a usability standpoint, it makes no difference as it was garbage the moment it had .01% do do with anything RIAA/MPAA, as is the ultimate fate for the awesome uTorrent. No biggie, there will always be others and my ultimate satisfaction will come from the fact that no matter how much money the demons spend to "curb" the hit in their still massive profits, they'll never even make a dent. Not by killing BT, not by killing UT, and not by killing any of their future replacements (halite anyone??).

My GOD both the demons and their lawyers can't possibly be THAT stupid to think that the can even make a .1% hit in this... can they?? :/

Keep downing, Keep sharing, Keep teaching others how to teach others to do it.

Anonymous said...

Hey all, the last few weeks have seen some interesting developements in the torrent world. The BitTorrent company, who now cooperates with various anti-piracy groups, teamed up with the uTorrent client. Also, a website, was recently shut down by a Dutch court. This is big news since this website uses the same ISP as other sites like Demonoid and TorrentSpy. For now, Demonoid is okay. But TorrentSpy has also recently began cooperating with anti-piracy groups. This means:

Don't use the following clients anymore:
- BitTorrent
- uTorrent

Don't use the following websites anymore:
- TorrentSpy

The global mods will update this post as we continue to confirm more clients and websites that are getting crappy or unsafe to use. Thanks for all your support. Please realize that SuperFundo only encourages DVDRips sharing because we believe it can be justified legally as "sharing a DVD" with online neighbors. This website is maintained by many different users around the globe, and we are very thankful for all the work done behind the scenes (no pun intended).

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