Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Torrent Searcher 8.0

The Torrent Searcher team has released a new program named “Torrent Searcher Client”. Torrent Searcher Client is an exclusive torrent client with the possibility to manage and create torrents. Torrent Searcher Client is based on BitTornado which extended from from Original Bittorrent Core System, coded by Bram Cohen.
Finally we can announce our new version of Torrent Searcher (version 8.0). Download it now to discover our new features!

Torrent Searcher is a media search and download tool. It can search for torrents on several of the big torrents sites/databases (Web-based Torrent Searcher). The program can search for songs, movies, images, applications and any other files from Ares, OpenFT and Gnutella networks. It also includes a media player that enables users to play all popular media types, create playlists for songs and movies, preview downloading files, and view image thumbnails.

Fize Size: 5092KB
Language: English
OS: Win2000/XP/2003
Date added: July 24,2007
License: Free

Changes from 6.1 to 7.0:

* Menu option in tray
* Menu option in window
* About link updated
* Donate link
* Media Player 11 main interface
* New Startscreen/Whatsup
* New interface
* Vista Icons included
* Neb Browser
* Updated Ares plugin to version 0.3.0
* Don’t show network stats by default since users are confused about their meaning
* Added button to open download folder from library
* Added download button to search results
* Fixed chat scrolling on Windows ME
* Added size limit for giftd.log (giFT)
* Added support for downloading compressed node files and banlists
* Fixed bugs in internal browse


Download Site1

Download Site @Sourceforge

DDL1 - DDL2 - DDL3 - DDL4

Source Code Download

Download from FileShare Hoster Mirrors

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